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A History of the Reformation (Vol. 2 of 2)

Footnote 477 These Injunctions


464: _Letters and Papers_, etc. XIII. ii. p. 459. "In oppido Calistrensi" is probably "at Coldstream"; Beaton had been made a Cardinal to be ready to make the publication.]

[Footnote 465: _Letters and Papers_, etc. XI. p. 305.]

[Footnote 466: _Ibid._ XI. pp. 238, 272, 355, 356, 477, 504, 507.]

[Footnote 467: _Ibid._ XI. 238.]

[Footnote 468: _Ibid._ XI. 477.]

[Footnote 469: _Letters and Papers_, etc. XIV. i. p. 344.]

[Footnote 470: _Ibid._ XIV. i. pp. 191, 192, 537.]

[Footnote 471: _Ibid._ XIV. i. p. 489.]

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[Footnote 475: SOURCES in addition to those given on p. 313: _Calendar of State Papers, Domestic Series, of the Reigns of Edward VI., Mary, and Elizabeth_ (this Calendar is for the most part merely an index to documents which must be read in the Record Office); _Correspondance politique d'Odet de Selve: Commission des Archives Politiques_, (Paris, 1888); _Literary Remains of Edward VI._ (Roxburgh Club, London, 1857); _Narratives

of the Reformation_ (Camden Society, London, 1860); Wriothesley, _Chronicle_ (Camden Society, London, 1875); Weiss, _Papiers d'Etat du Cardinal de Granvelle (Collection de Documents inedits_, Paris, 1841-52); Furnivall, _Ballads from Manuscripts_ (Ballad Society, London, 1868); _Four Supplications of the Commons_, and Thomas Starkey, _England under Henry VIII._ (Early English Text Society, 1871); Strype, _Ecclesiastical Memorials and Life of Cranmer_ (Oxford edition, 26 vols. 1820, etc.); _Liturgies of Edward VI._ (Parker Society, Cambridge, 1844); _Stow Annals_ (London, 1631).

LATER BOOKS in addition to those given on p. 313: Pollard, _England under Protector Somerset_ (London, 1900); Burnet, _History of the Reformation_ (Oxford edition, 1865); Dixon, _History of the Church of England_ (London, 1893); Gasquet and Bishop, _Edward VI. and the Book of Common Prayer_ (London, 1890). _Cambridge Modern History_, ii. xiv.]

[Footnote 476: Pollard, _Cambridge Modern History_, ii. 474.]

[Footnote 477: These _Injunctions_, and the _Articles of Inquiry_ which interprets them, are printed in Strype, _Ecclesiastical Memorials_, etc. (Oxford, 1822) II. i. pp. 74-83.]

[Footnote 478: Cranmer, _Miscellaneous Writings and Letters_ (Parker Society Cambridge, 1846), p. 128.]

[Footnote 479: _English Historical Review_ for 1904 (January), pp. 98 _ff._]

[Footnote 480: This Act, entitled _Act against Revilers, and for receiving in both Kinds_, is printed in Gee and Hardy, _Documents_, etc. p. 322.]

[Footnote 481: Gee and Hardy, _Documents_, etc. p. 328.]

[Footnote 482: _Ecclesiastical Memorials_, etc. II. i. p. 133. It is printed in _The Two Liturgies, with other Documents set forth by Authority in the Reign of King Edward the Sixth_ (Parker Society, Cambridge, 1844), p. 1.]

[Footnote 483: The book is printed in _The Two Liturgies_, etc., of the Parker Society, pp. 9 _ff._]

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