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A History of the Reformation (Vol. 2 of 2)

Zur Liederdichtung der Wiedertaeufer


603: The difference in treatment may be seen at a glance by comparing the articles on Anabaptism in the second (1877) and in the third (1896) edition of Herzog's _Realencyclopaedie fuer protestantische Theologie und Kirche_. Some eminent historians, however, still cling to old ideas; for example, Edward Armstrong, _The Emperor Charles V._ (London, 1902), who justifies the treatment his hero meted out to the Anabaptists--roasting them to death before slow fires--by saying that "whenever they momentarily gained the upper hand, they applied the practical methods of modern Anarchism or Nihilism to the professed principles of Communism" (ii. 342). No one who has examined the original sources could have penned such a sentence.]

[Footnote 604: _Magna Bibliotheca Veterum Patrum_ (Coloniae Agrippinae, 1618), xiii. 299, 300, 307 (the _Summa_ of Raiverus Sacchonus). Cf. i. 152.]

[Footnote 605: These are the dates at which town chronicles incidentally show that such communities existed, not the dates of their origin.]

[Footnote 606: Vedder, _Balthasar Huebmaier_ (New York, 1905).]

[Footnote 607: Liliencron, "Zur Liederdichtung der Wiedertaeufer," in the _Transactions of the Koenigl. Bair. Akad. der Wissenschaften, Philosophisch-historische Klasse_, 1877.]

[Footnote 608: _Chronica_ (Augsburg edition, 1565), f. 164.]

style="text-align: justify;">[Footnote 609: _Der Wiedertaeuferen Ursprung, Furgang, Secien_, etc. (Zurich, 1560).]

[Footnote 610: _Chronica_ (3 pts., Strassburg, 1531).]

[Footnote 611: _Sabbata_ (ed. by Egli and Schoch, St. Gall, 1902).]

[Footnote 612: C. A. Cornelius, _Geschichte des Muensterischen Aufruhrs_ (Leipzig, 1855), ii. 49.]

[Footnote 613: _Ibid._ ii. 49.]

[Footnote 614: _Magna Bibliotheca Veterum Patrum_ (Coloniae Agrippinae, 1618), Rainerii Socchoni, _Summa_, c. vii.]

[Footnote 615: Egli, _Die Zuericher Wiedertaeufer_ (Zurich, 1878), p. 96.]

[Footnote 616: Folio 158^b of the Augsburg edition of 1565.]

[Footnote 617: The Swiss Anabaptists have been selected because we have very full contemporary documentary evidence in their case. Cf. Egli, _Actensammlung zur Geschicht der Zuericher Reformation_ (Zurich, 1879); _Die Zuricher Wiedertaeufer_ (Zurich, 1878); _Die St. Gallen Wiedertaeufer_ (Zurich).

The documentary evidence given in Egli's works has been condensed and summarised by H. S. Burrage, _A History of the Anabaptists in Switzerland_ (Philadelphia, 1881).]

[Footnote 618: The scene is described in Beck, _Die Geschichts-Buecher der Wiedertaeufer in Oesterreich-Ungarn von 1526 bis 1785_ (Vienna, 1883).]

[Footnote 619: The history of the persecution in the Tyrol is to be found in J. Loserth, _Anabaptismus in Tirol_; and in Kirchmayr, _Denkwuerdigkeiten seiner Zeit, 1519-53_, pt. i. in _Fontes Rerum Austriacarum_, i. 417-534.]

[Footnote 620: Cornelius, _Geschichte des Muensterischen Aufruhrs_ (Leipzig, 1855), ii. 58.]

[Footnote 621: The disease was known as the English plague or the sweating sickness. It is thus described by Hecker (_Epidemics of the Middle Ages_, p. 181): "It was violent inflammatory fever, which, after a short rigour, prostrated the powers as with a blow; and amidst painful oppression at the stomach, headache, and lethargic stupor, suffused the whole body with foetid perspiration. All this took place within the course of a few hours, and the crisis was always over within the space of a day and a night. The internal heat that the patient suffered was intolerable, yet every refrigerant was death."]

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