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A History of the Reformation (Vol. 2 of 2)

Epistolarum familiarum liber Venice


652: Carvajal's speech and Egidio's memoir are given in Hoefler, "Analecten z. Geschich. Deutschlands und Italiens" (_Abhandlungen der Muench. Akad._ IV. iii. 57-89).]

[Footnote 653: An _indult_ can be best explained by an example: according to the Council of Bourges (1438), the selection of French Bishops was left exclusively in the hands of the Chapters of the Cathedrals; but Pope Eugenius IV. permitted Charles VII. the right to appoint to several specified bishoprics; such a papal grant was called an _indult_.]

[Footnote 654: Cf. vol. i. 12 _f._]

[Footnote 655: SOURCES: Contarini, _Opera_ (Paris, 1571); _Correspondenz Contarinis_, ed. by L. Pastor (1880); Cortese, _Epistolarum familiarum liber_ (Venice, 1573); Ghiberti, _Opera_ (Verona, 1740); Sadoleto, _Epistolarum libri sexdecim_ (Lyons, 1560); Pole, _Epistolae, et aliorum ad ipsum_ (Brescia, 1744-57), _Carteggio di Vittoria Colonna_ (Turin, 1889); Vergerio, _Briefwechsel_ (edited for the _Bibliothek des literarischen Vercius_, Stuttgart, 1875).

LATER BOOKS: Jacob Burckhardt, _The Civilisation of the Period of the Renaissance_ (Eng. trans., London, 1892); Symonds, _Renaissance in Italy. The Catholic Reaction_ (London, 1886); Cantu, _Gli Eretici d'Italia_ (Turin, 1865-67); Braun, _Cardinal Gasparo Contarini_ (1903); Dittrich, _Gasparo Contarini_ (Braunsberg, 1883); Duruy, _Le Cardinal

Carlo Caruffa_ (Paris, 1882); Gothein, _Ignatius Loyola und die Geyenreformation_, pp. 77-207 (Halle, 1895); v. Reumont, _Vittoria Colonna_ (Freiburg i. B. 1881).]

[Footnote 656: Mediaeval songs tell us that this hatred of the peasantry is much older than the Renaissance:

"Si quis scire vult naturam, Maledictam et obscuram Rusticorum genituram Infelicem et non puram Denotent sequentia," etc.

_Carmina Medii AEri_ (Florence, 1883), p. 34; the song belongs to the thirteenth century.]

[Footnote 657: Herminjard, _Correspondance_, etc. viii. 161.]

[Footnote 658: The name went beyond the original foundation. The Jesuits were sometimes called _Theatines_ both in Spain and in France.]

[Footnote 659: They are to be found in _Bibliotheca Maxima Pontificia_ (Rome, 1790), pp. 178 _ff._ The contents of the second letter are condensed in the phrase which occurs near the end: "in legibus voluntas non debet regula esse" (p. 183). The first letter urges the Pope to make an end of the scandals caused by the sale of dispensations: "Dispensator non potest vendere id quod non suum est sed Domini. Neque etiam potest transgredi in dispensatione mandatum Domini.... Expresse Christus in Evangelio praecipit: Gratis accepistis, Gratis date" (p. 79). It closes with an urgent appeal: "Pater Sanctissime ingressus es viam Christi, audacter age.... Dens onmipotens diriget gressus tuos, et tuorum omnium. Familiae tuae Protector crit, et super omnia bona sua constituet te, ut ipse in Evangelio pollicetur servo fideli, quem constituit super familiam suam. Dominus diu nobis servet Sanctitatem tuam incolumem."]

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