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A History of the Reformation (Vol. 2 of 2)

Footnote 716 Translatio ab eo statu in quo homo nascitur


713: "Cum omnes homines in praevaricatione Adae innocentiam perdi dissent facti immundi ... ut non modo gentes per vim naturae, sed ne Judaei quidem per ipsam etiam litteram legis Moysi, inde liberari aut surgere possent" (Denzinger, _Enchiridion_, etc. 182).]

[Footnote 714: "Hunc proposuit Deus propitiatorem _per fidem_ in sanguine ipsius pro peccatis nostris" (Denzinger, _Enchiridion_, etc. p. 183).]

[Footnote 715: "Ita nisi in Christo renascerentur, nunquam justificarentur, cum ea renascentia per meritum passionis ejus gratia, qua justi fiunt, illis tribuatur; pro hoc beneficio Apostolus gratias nos semper agere hortatur Patri, qui dignos nos fecit in partem sortis sanctorum in lumine, et eripuit de potestate tenebrarum, transtulitque in regnum Filii dilectionis suae, in quo habemus redemptionem et remissionem peccatorum" (_ibid._ 183).]

[Footnote 716: "Translatio ab eo statu in quo homo nascitur ... in statum gratiae et adoptionis filiorum Dei per ... Jesum Christum, salvatorem nostrum; quae quidem translatio post Evangelium promulgatum sine lavacro regenerationis, aut ejus voto, fieri non potest" (_ibid._ p. 183).]

[Footnote 717: "Ut, qui per peccata a Deo aversi erant, per ejus excitantem atque adjuvantem gratiam ad convertendum se ad suam ipsorum justificationem eidem gratiae libere assentiendo et co-operando, disponantur ..."]

style="text-align: justify;">[Footnote 718: Cf. i. 222 _f._]

[Footnote 719: He classed Cardinal Pole among heretics; Vittoria Colonna became suspect because she was "tilia spiritualis et discipula Cardinalis Poli, haeretici"; and the nuns of St. Catherine at Viterbo were noted as "suspectae" from their intimacy with Vittoria (_Carteggio di Vittoria Colonna_, pp. 433 _ff._; Turin, 1889).]

[Footnote 720: "Symbolum fidei quo sancta _Romana_ Ecclesia utitur."]

[Footnote 721: "Through the mercy of God and the provident care of _His own Vicar upon earth_." Session vi. de reform, c. 1.]

[Footnote 722: Session xxv. de reform, c. 2.]

[Footnote 723: "We by apostolic authority forbid all persons ... that they presume without our authority to publish in any form any commentaries, glosses, annotations, scholia, or any kind of interpretation whatsoever touching the decrees of the said Council; or to settle anything in regard thereof under any plea whatsoever.... But if anything therein shall seem to any one to have been expressed and ordained obscurely ... and to stand in need of interpretation or decision, let him go up to the place which the Lord hath chosen, to wit, to the Apostolic See, the mistress of all the faithful, whose authority the Holy Synod also has reverently acknowledged."]

[Footnote 724: Llorente, _Histoire critique de l'Inquisition d'Espagne_ (Paris, 1818); Lea, _A History of the Inquisition of the Middle Ages_ (London, 1888); Reusch, _Der Index der Verbotener Buecher_ (Bonn, 1885); Lea, _The Spanish Inquisition_ (London, 1906); Symonds, _Renaissance in Italy, The Catholic Reaction_ (London, 1886).]

[Footnote 725: It is to be found in Gudenus, _Codex Diplomaticus_, iv. 469.]

[Footnote 726: "Wishing also to impose a restraint ... upon printers ... who print without licence of ecclesiastical superiors, the said books of Sacred Scripture, and the annotations and expositions upon them of all persons indifferently ... (this Synod) ordains and decrees, that, henceforth, the Sacred Scripture, and especially the aforesaid old and Vulgate edition, be printed in the most correct manner possible; and that it shall not be lawful for anyone to print, or cause to be printed, _any books whatever on sacred matters_, without the name of the author; nor to sell them in future or even to keep them by them, _unless they shall have been first examined and approved by the ordinary_; under pain of anathema and fine imposed in a canon of the last Lateran Council" (Sess. iv.)]

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