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A History of Philosophy in Epitome by Schwegler

The Pentateuch and Book of Joshua

The United States Bank Law:

An Act to Provide a National Currency, secured by a pledge of United States Stocks, and to provide for the circulation and Redemption thereof. Paper covers, 25 cents.

The Pentateuch and Book of Joshua,

Critically examined. By the Right Rev. JOHN WM. COLENSO, Bishop of Natal. 2 Vols., 12mo. $1.25 each.

"Bishop Colenso's books, in which the genuineness and authenticity of the earlier portions of the Old Testament are doubted, or, as he expresses it, his 'arguments to prove the non-Mosaic and unhistorical character of the Pentateuch,' have created intense interest in England."--_Chicago Post._

Man's Cry, and God's Gracious Answer,

A Contribution Toward the Defence of the Faith. By Rev. B. FRANKLIN. Cloth, crimped, 50 cents.

"A thoughtful discussion of theism--or man's need of a God, and what kind of a God; and of Christianity--or God's gracious answer to that need, and how it is an answer."--_Congregationalist._

Prof. Huxley's Lectures "On the Origin of Species."

1 Vol. 12mo. $1.

1. The Present Condition of Organic Nature.--2. The Past Condition of Organic

Nature.--3. The Method by which the Causes of the Present and Past Conditions of Organic Nature are to be discovered. The Origination of Living Beings.--4. The Perpetuation of Living Beings, Hereditary Transmission and Variation.--5. The Condition of Existence as affecting the Perpetuation of Living Beings.--6. A Critical Examination of the Position of Mr. Darwin's Work "On the Origin of Species," in relation to the complete Theory of the Causes of the Phenomena of Organic Nature.

"Readers who cannot accept Mr. Darwin's doctrines and conclusions will still be delighted with these lectures, since they embody so much curious information and so many important principles of biological science, expressed so clearly as to render the book, even to readers possessing scarcely any previous knowledge of the subject, not only intelligible but more interesting than any romance."--_Weldon's Register_.

Lectures on the Symbolic Character of the Scriptures.

By Rev. ARIEL SILVER, Minister of the New Jerusalem Church. 1 Vol., 12mo. 286 pages. $1.25.

These lectures, delivered to a mixed congregation during the past winter, are now given to the public.

"The author assures the reader, who has not looked into the spiritual sense of the Holy Word, that if he has a desire to do so, and will study the science of correspondences, and read these simple illustrations of the sacred Scriptures, with a sincere desire to become acquainted with the Word of God that he may the better know his Heavenly Father, his own soul, and the true way of life, that he may walk in it, the Lord will open to his mind a new field of thought and lead him to a fountain of heavenly wisdom which he will prize as more valuable than all things else; for he will find therein the true life of Heaven."--_Extract from Preface._

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