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A History of Philosophy in Epitome by Schwegler

To the Establishment of the Monarchy by Augustus


History of the Romans under the Empire. By CHARLES MERIVALE, B. D., late Fellow of St. John's College. 7 vols., small 8vo. Handsomely printed on tinted paper. Price, in cloth, $2 per vol. Half Morocco extra, $3 50.


Vols. I. and II.--Comprising the History to the Fall of Julius Caesar.

Vol. III.--To the Establishment of the Monarchy by Augustus.

Vols. IV. and V.--From Augustus to Claudius, B. C. 27 to A. D. 54.

Vol. VI.--From the Reign of Nero, A. D. 54, to the Fall of Jerusalem, A. D. 70.

Vol. VII.--From the Destruction of Jerusalem, A. D. 70, to the Death of M. Aurelius.

This valuable work terminates at the point where the narrative of Gibbon commences.

... "When we enter on a more searching criticism of the two writers, it must be admitted that Merivale has as firm a grasp of his subject as Gibbon, and that his work is characterized by a greater freedom from prejudice, and a sounder philosophy.

... "This history must always stand as a splendid monument of his learning, his candor, and his vigorous grasp of intellect.

Though he is in some respects inferior to Macaulay and Grote, he must still be classed with them, as one of the second great triumvirate of English historians."--_North American Review, April, 1863._

Practice in the Executive Department of the Government, under the Pension, Bounty, and Prize Laws of the United States, with Forms and Instructions for Collecting Arrears of Pay, Bounty, and Prize Money, and for Obtaining Pensions. By ROBERT SEWELL, Counsellor at Law. 1 vol., 8vo. Sheep. Price, $3 50.

"I offer this little book with confidence to the profession, as certain to save lawyers, in one case, if they never have any more, more time and trouble than its cost. To the public generally, the book is offered as containing a large amount of useful information on a subject now, unfortunately, brought home to half the families in the land. To the officers and soldiers of the Army it will also be found a useful companion; and it is hoped that by it an amount of information of great value to the soldiers, and to their families at home, will be disseminated, and the prevailing ignorance respecting the subject treated of in a great degree removed."--_Extract from Preface._

Hints to Riflemen.

By H. W. S. CLEVELAND. 1 vol., 12mo. Illustrated, with numerous Designs of Rifles and Rifle Practice. Cloth. Price, $1 50.

"I offer these hints as the contribution of an old sportsman, and if I succeed in any degree in exciting an interest in the subject, my end will be accomplished, even if the future investigations of those who are thus attracted should prove any of my opinions to be erroneous."--_Extract from Preface._

Laws and Principles of Whist, Stated and Explained, and its Practice Illustrated on an Original System, by means of hands played completely through. By CAVENDISH. From the fifth London edition. 1 vol., square 16mo. Gilt edge. $1 25.

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