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A History of Philosophy in Epitome by Schwegler

Unlike most novels that now appear

"An excellent and very clearly written treatise; the rules of the game thoroughly explained; its practice illustrated by means of hands played completely through, and much of the minutiae and finesse of the game given that we have never seen in any other volume of the kind. Whist players will recognize it as an authority; and that it is a success is proved by its having already gone through five editions. It is got out very neatly, in blue and gold, by the publishers."--_Com. Bulletin._

Roba di Roma.

By W. W. STORY. 2 vols., 12mo. Cloth, $3.

"Till Rome shall fall, the City of the Seven Hills will be inexhaustible as a subject of interest. 'Roba di Roma' contains the gatherings of an honest observer and a real artist.... It has permanent value to entitle it to a place of honor on the shelf which contains every lover of Italy's Rome-books."--_Athenaeum._

Heat considered as a Mode of Motion. Being a Course of Twelve Lectures delivered at the Royal Institution of Great Britain. By JOHN TYNDALL, F.R.S. Author of "The Glaciers of the Alps." 1 vol., 12mo. With 101 illustrations. Cloth. $2.

"No one can rend Dr. Tyndall's book without being impressed with the intensity of the author's conviction of the truth of the theory which it is his object

to illustrate, or with the boldness with which he confronts the difficulties which lie encounters.... Dr. Tyndall's is the first work in which the undulatory or mechanical theory of heat has been placed in a popular light; but we are sure that no one, however profound his knowledge upon the subject of which it treats, will rise from its perusal without a feeling that he has been both gratified and instructed in a high degree while reading its pages."--_London Reader._

Life of Edward Livingston, Mayor of the City of New York; Member of Congress; Senator of the United States; Secretary of State; Minister to France; Author of a System of Penal Law for Louisiana; Member of the Institute of France, etc. By CHARLES H. HUNT, with an Introduction by GEORGE BANCROFT. 1 vol., 8vo. Cloth, $3.50.

"One of the purest of statesmen and the most genial of men, was Edward Livingston, whose career is presented in this volume....

"The author of this volume has done the country a service. He has given us in a becoming form an appropriate memorial of one whom succeeding generations will be proud to name as an American jurist and statesman."--_Evangelist._

Round the Block. An American Novel. With Illustrations. 1 vol., 12mo. Cloth. Price, $1 50.

"The story is remarkably clever. It presents the most vivid and various pictures of men and manners in the great Metropolis. Unlike most novels that now appear, it has no 'mission,' the author being neither a politician nor a reformer, but a story teller, according to the old pattern, and a capital story he has produced, written in the happiest style, and full of wit and action. He evidently knows his ground, and moves over it with the foot of a master. It is a work that will be read and admired, unless all love for good novels has departed from us; and we know that such is not the case."--_Boston Traveler._

The History of Civilization in England. By HENRY THOMAS BUCKLE. 2 vols., 8vo. Cloth. $6.

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