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A History of Sanskrit Literature by MacDonell

Nyaya Sutras in Vizianagram Sansk

ed. R. Schmidt, Leipsic, 1893

(Abh. f. d. Kunde d. Morgenlandes), Munich, 1898; trans., Kiel, 1894; Stuttgart, 1898. Kathasaritsagara, ed. trans. by Brockhaus, Leipsic (Books i.-v.) 1839, (vi.-xviii.) 1862-66; ed. Bomb., 1889; trans. by Tawney in Bibl. Ind., 1880-87. Brihatkathamanjari, chaps. i.-viii., ed. and trans. by Sylvain Levi in Journal Asiatique, 1886. Jataka-mala, ed. Kern, Boston, 1891; trans. by Speijer in Sacred Books of the Buddhists, vol. i., London, 1895. Kathakoca, trans. by C. H. Tawney from Sanskrit MSS., Royal As. Soc., London, 1895. Pali Jatakas, ed. by Fausboell, London, (completed) 1897; three vols. of trans. under supervision of Cowell have appeared, I. by Chalmers, Cambridge, 1895; II. by Rouse, 1895; III. by Francis and Neil, 1897. Warren, Buddhism in Translations, Harvard, 1896. Bhartrihari's Niti and Vairagya Catakas, ed. and trans., Bombay, 1898 (on Bhartrihari and Kumarila see Pathak in Journ. of Bombay Branch of Roy. As. Soc., xviii. pp. 213-238). Mohamudgara, trans. by U. K. Banerji, Bhawanipur, Bengal, 1892. Chanakya Catakas, ed. Klatt, 1873. On the Nitimanjari cf. Kielhorn, Goettinger Nachrichten, 1891, pp. 182-186; A. B. Keith, Journ. Roy. As. Soc. 1900. Carngadhara-paddhati, ed. Peterson, Bombay, 1888. Subhashitavali, ed. Peterson and Durgaprasada, Bombay, 1886. Boehtlingk's Indische Sprueche, 2nd edition, 2 vols., St. Petersburg, 1870-73; index by Blau, Leipsic, 1893. Dhammapada, trans. by Max Mueller in Sacred Books of the East, vol. x., 2nd revised edition, Oxford, 1898.

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On Indian philosophy in general see Garbe's useful little book, Philosophy of Ancient India, Chicago, 1897; F. Max Mueller, Six Systems of Indian Philosophy, London, 1899. Garbe, Sankhya Philosophie, Leipsic, 1894; Sankhya und Yoga in Buehler's Encyclopaedia, Strasburg, 1896 (complete bibliography); Sankhya-karika, text with comm. of Gaudapada, ed. and trans. by Colebrooke and Wilson, Oxford, 1837, reprinted Bombay, 1887; ed. in Benares Sansk. Ser., 1883; trans. Ballantyne (Bibl. Ind.); Sankhyapravachana-bhashya, ed. by Garbe, Harvard, 1895, trans. into German, Leipsic, 1889; Aniruddha's comm. on Sankhya Sutras, trans. by Garbe, Bibl. Ind., Calc., 1888-92; Sankhya-tattva-kaumudi, ed. with Eng. trans., Bombay, 1896, trans. by Garbe, Munich, 1892; Cankara's Rajayogabhashya, trans. Madras, 1896; Svatmarama's Hathayogapradipa, trans. by Walther, Munich, 1893; Hathayoga Gheranda Sanhita, trans. Bombay, 1895. On fragments of Panchacikha cf. Garbe in Festgruss an Roth, p. 74 ff., Stuttgart, 1893; Jacobi on Sankhya-Yoga as foundation of Buddhism, Journ. of Germ. Or. Soc., 1898, pp. 1-15; Oldenberg, Buddha, 3rd ed. Mimamsa-darcana, ed. with comm. of Cabara Svamin (Bibl. Ind.), Calc., 1887; Tantravarttika, ed. Benares, 1890; Clokavarttika, fasc. i., ii., ed. with comm., Benares, 1898; Jaiminiya-nyaya-mala-vistara, ed. in Anand. Ser. 1892. Arthasamgraha, as introd. to Mimamsa, ed. and trans. by Thibaut, Benares, 1882. Most important book on Vedanta: Deussen, System des Vedanta, Leipsic, 1883; Deussen, Die Sutra's des Vedanta, text with trans. of Sutras and complete comm. of Cankara, Leipsic, 1887. Brahma Sutras, with Cankara's comm., ed. in Anand. Ser., 1890-91; Vedanta Sutras, trans. by Thibaut in Sacred Books, vol. xxxiv., Oxford, 1890, and xxxviii., 1896. Panchadaci, ed. with Eng. trans., Bombay, 1895. On date of Cankara cf. Fleet in Ind. Ant., xvi. 41-42. Vedanta-siddhanta-muktavali, ed. with Eng. trans. by Venis, Benares, 1890. Vedantasara, ed. Jacob, with comm. and notes, Bombay, 1894, trans. 3rd ed., London, 1892. Bhagavadgita with Cankara's comm., Anand. Ser., 1897, trans. in Sacred Books, vol. viii., 2nd ed., Oxford, 1898; by Davies, 3rd ed., 1894. Nyaya Sutras in Vizianagram Sansk. Ser., vol. ix., Benares, 1896. Nyayakandali of Cridhara, ibid., vol. iv., 1895. Nyaya-kusumanjali (Bibl. Ind.), Calc., 1895. Vaiceshika-darcana, ed. with comm., Calc., 1887. Saptapadarthi, ed. with comm., Benares, 1893; text with Latin trans. by Winter, Leipsic, 1893. Tarkasamgraha, ed. J. Vidyasagara, Calc., 1897; ed. with comm., Bombay Sansk. Ser., 1897; text and trans. by Ballantyne, Allahabad, 1850. Sarvadarcana-samgraha, ed. by T. Tarkavachaspati, Calc., 1872; trans. by Cowell and Gough, 2nd ed., London, 1894.

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