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24 Plan of Palace Khorsabad

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PAGE The Pyramids of Ghizeh, _Frontispiece_ The Ascent of a Pyramid, 4 View of Gallery in the Great Pyramid, 5 Poulterer's Shop, 6 Rock-cut Tomb (Beni-Hassan), 6 The Hall of Columns at Karnak, 10 Pillar from Thebes (showing the Three Parts), 11 Sculptured Capital, 12 Palm Capital, 12 Pillar from Sedingae, 12 The Great Sphinx, 13 Cleopatra's Needles, 15 Pavilion at Medinet Habou, 17 Temple on the Island of Philae, 18 Gateways in Walls of Khorsabad, 21 Entrance to Smaller Temple (Nimrud), 22 Pavement Slab (from Koyunjik), 23 Remains of Propylaeum, or Outer Gateway (Khorsabad), 24 Plan of Palace (Khorsabad),

25 Relief from Khorsabad. A Temple, 26 Restoration of an Assyrian Palace, 28 Elevation of the Temple of the Seven Spheres at Borsippa, 31 Birs-i-Nimrud (near Babylon), 33 Masonry of Great Platform (Persepolis), 36 Parapet Wall of Staircase. _Persepolis._ (Restored), 37 Ruins of the Palace of Darius (Persepolis), 38 Gateway of Hall of a Hundred Columns, 39 Double-horned Lion Capital, 40 Complex Capital and Base of Pillars (Persepolis), 40 Base of Another Pillar (Persepolis), 40 Ground-plan (Restored) of Hall of Xerxes (Persepolis), 41 Part of a Base of the Time of Cyrus (Pasargadae), 42 The Tomb of Cyrus, 43 Roof of One of the Compartments of the Gate Huldah, 45 Temple of Diana (Eleusis), 48 Gravestone from Mycenae (Schliemann), 49 Small Temple at Rhamnus, 50 The Parthenon. _Athens._ (Restored), 51 Plan of Temple of Apollo (Bassae), 52 From the Parthenon (Athens), 53 Ionic Architecture, 55 Ionic Base, 55 Attic Base, 55 Base from Temple of Hera (Samos),

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