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A History of Art for Beginners and Students

185 Old Morrisania Morrisania

125 Exterior of the Sanctuary in the Mosque of Cordova, 127 Court of the Lions (Alhambra), 131 The Cathedral of Florence and Giotto's Campanile, 135 View of St. Peter's (Rome), 137 Section of St. Peter's, 139 East Elevation of Library of St. Mark, 141 The Doge's Palace (Venice), 143 Great Court of the Hospital of Milan, 144 The Escurial (near Madrid), 147 Facade of the Church of St. Michael (Dijon), 155 Facade of the Dome of the Invalides (Paris), 156 The Pantheon (Paris), 157 The Madeleine (Paris), 159 Pavilion de l'Horloge and Part of the Court of the Louvre, 161 Chateau of Chambord, 163 Porte St. Denis (Paris), 164 Arc de l'Etoile (Paris), 165 East Elevation of St. Paul's (Covent Garden), 167 St. Paul's, London (from the West), 168 St. George's Hall (Liverpool), 169 Windsor Castle, 170 The Houses of Parliament
(London), 171 The Brandenburg Gate (Berlin), 174 The Basilica at Munich, 175 The Ruhmeshalle (near Munich), 176 The Museum (Berlin), 177 The Walhalla, 178 The New Opera House (Paris), 180 The United States Capitol (Washington), 182 State Capitol (Columbus, Ohio), 183 Sir William Pepperell's House (Kittery Point, Maine), 185 Old Morrisania (Morrisania, New York), 187 Residence at Irvington, New York, 189





3000 B.C. TO A.D. 328.

Architecture seems to me to be the most wonderful of all the arts. We may not love it as much as others, when we are young perhaps we cannot do so, because it is so great and so grand; but at any time of life one can see that in Architecture some of the most marvellous achievements of men are displayed. The principal reason for saying this is that Architecture is not an imitative art, like Painting and Sculpture. The first picture that was ever painted was a portrait or an imitation of something that the painter had seen. So in Sculpture, the first statue or bas-relief was an attempt to reproduce some being or object that the sculptor had seen, or to make a work which combined portions of several things that he had observed; but in Architecture this was not true. No temples or tombs or palaces existed until they had first taken form in the mind and imagination of the builders, and were created out of space and nothingness, so to speak. Thus Painting and Sculpture are imitative arts, but Architecture is a constructive art; and while one may love pictures or statues more than the work of the architect, it seems to me that one must wonder most at the last.

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