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A History of the Four Georges and of William IV, V

Subsidies for foreign mercenaries


Queen, ii. 78, 79. Hessian

mercenaries, i. 291, 292. For America, iii. 183. In Ireland, iii. 322. Highlands, modern prosperity of, ii. 233. Highlands, pacification after Culloden, ii. 227. Hill, Frank H., quoted on: Fame and George Canning, iv. 59. Peel and art of government, iv. 57. Hill, Rowland, death, iv. 284. Hill, Sir George, recognizes Wolfe Tone, iii. 325. Hillsborough, Lord, Secretary of State, iii. 147. Colonial policy, iii. 147, 148, 150, 152. Hoadley, Dr., Bishop of Winchester, opposed to Test Act, ii. 110, 111. Hoche, General: Commands expedition to Ireland, iii. 315. Death, iii. 318. Hogarth, William: Caricature of Churchill, iii. 63. Caricature of Wilkes, iii. 61. Death, iii. 68. "March to Finchley," ii. 231. Pictures of London, i. 64, 65. "Polling Day," ii. 188. Portrait of Lord Lovat, ii. 230. Sketch of career, ii. 230. Hogg, James, death, iv. 282. Holland, Henry Fox, Lord: As Administrator and Debater, ii. 274. Asked to support Prince of Wales's claim, ii. 78. Character, iii. 33, 141. Forms Opposition to Pitt, iii. 26. Macaulay and C. Greville dine with, iv. 185. Paymaster, ii. 298. Protests against words "On the true faith of a Christian," iv. 69. Secretary at War, ii. 296. Holroyd, Colonel, threatens Lord George Gordon, iii. 199. Holwell, on Black Hole of Calcutta, ii. 267. Holy Alliance and Congress of Verona, iv. 39, 42, 45. Horne-Tooke, John, Rector of Brentford:
Candidate for Westminster, iii. 139. Quarrels with Wilkes, iii. 136. Supports Wilkes, iii. 117. Horneck, Mary, "Jessamy Bride," iii. 169. Houghton, Walpole at, i. 196. House of Commons: Chairman of Committee, iv. 160. Commencement of Party organization, i. 256. Committee on Convention, ii. 171. Debates on: Allowance for Prince of Wales, ii. 82, 88. American Colonies, iii. 162. Middlesex Election, iii. 131. Restitution of Gibraltar, i. 297. Supply to George II., i. 280. Election Petitions, ii. 189. Gordon presents petition to, iii. 198. Growth of, i. 32. In Committee, iv. 160. Inadequate accommodation, iv. 270, 271. Ladies' Gallery, iv. 272. Numbers in 1714, i. 51. Obstruction in, iv. 159, 160 _seqq._ Petition of merchants against Spaniards, ii. 153. Petitions against Spaniards, i. 294. Secession from, ii. 172, 174. Subsidies for foreign mercenaries, i. 293. House of Lords: Agitation against, iv. 167. Debates on: Bill for Princess Anne's dowry, ii. 43. Convention, ii. 164, 168. Prince of Wales's allowance, ii. 89. India Bills rejected, iii. 235. Numbers in 1714, i. 51. Protest against Address on Prince of Wales's allowance, ii. 90. Reform and, iv. 169, 173, 176. Scene during Gordon Riot, iii. 197, 201. Walpole and, ii. 159. Houses of Parliament (old), i. 64. Destroyed by fire, iv. 267. Houses of Parliament, design for new, iv. 269, 270. Howe, Admiral Richard, Viscount, Mutiny at Spithead and, iii. 335. Howe, William, Viscount, iii. 182. Commands at Breed Hill, iii. 176. Humbert, General, commands expedition to Ireland, iii. 323. Hume, David, on Whitefield's eloquence, ii. 139. Hume, Joseph, Committee on Orangeism, iv. 387. Hungerford speaks for Bolingbroke, i. 108. Hunt, Leigh, on: George IV., iii. 242. William Congreve, i. 301. Hunt, Orator, defeats Stanley at Preston, iv. 131. Huskisson, William: Attitude on Catholic Emancipation, iv. 68. Colonial and War Secretary, iv. 65, 67. Death, iv. 103. Resigns office, iv. 72. Sketch of career, iv. 52. Treasurer of Navy and President of Board of Trade, iv. 58. Hutchinson, Governor-General of Massachusetts: House in Boston ransacked, iii. 91. Letters to Whately, iii. 153. Hyde Park, camp in, i. 121.

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