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A History of the Four Georges and of William IV, V

Tea tax introduced by Townshend

Talbot, Charles, Lord Chancellor, ii. 9, 81. Talleyrand: Dines with William IV., iv. 117. On Alexander Hamilton, ii. 248; iv. 281. Tea tax introduced by Townshend, iii. 113. Telford, Thomas, death, iv. 282. Temple, John, iii. 155. Temple, Richard Grenville, Earl, iii. 26. Action on India Bill, iii. 234. Persuades Pitt to refuse office, iii. 73, 93. Removed from Lord-Lieutenancy, iii. 64. Resigns office, iii. 236. Shows King's speech to Wilkes, iii. 57. Supports Wilkes, iii. 116. Ten-pound franchise, iv. 130. Tenterden, Chief Justice, decision in Cobbett prosecution, iv. 157. Test Act: Debate on proposed repeal, ii. 176. Repeal proposed, ii. 110. Repealed, iv. 52, 67. Thackeray, W. M., iv. 286. Description of Hanover, i. 55. On George IV., iii. 242. On interview of George IV. and Sir Walter Scott, iv. 29. On interview of George IV. with Wellington, Lyndhurst, and Peel, iv. 78. On Laurence Sterne, ii. 302. On Swift's character, ii. 237, 238. Thames frozen (1716), i. 154. Thames Tunnel, iv. 93. Thistlewood, plots to assassinate Ministers, iv. 15. Thomas, --, iii. 179. Thornhill, Sir James, i. 68. Thurlow, Lord, iii. 228. Thynne, Thomas, Lord, i. 8. Tippu, English make treaty with, iii. 266. Tithe question, Ireland, iv. 207 _seqq._, 216, 220. Government proposal on, iv. 211, 245. Tobacco, excise duty on, i. 316. Tolbooth fired, ii. 64. Tone, Matthew, fights under Humbert, iii. 324. Tone, Theobald Wolfe, iv. 206. Death, iii. 327. Letter to his wife, iii. 324. Marriage, iii. 311. Project for colony in South Sea island, iii. 310. Scheme for French invasion of Ireland, iii. 311. Sketch of, iii. 309 _seqq._ Tonson, Jacob, Secretary to Kit-Kat Club, i. 74. Torcy, Marquis de, Secretary of State, France, i. 110. Tories: Attitude towards restoration of Stuarts, i. 16, 19. Doctrines, i. 17 _seqq._ Jacobitism and, iii. 24. Old school of, iv. 241. Origin of name, i. 17. Peace of Utrecht and, i. 92. Toulon: Retaken by French, iii. 304. Welcomes English fleet, iii. 303. Townshend, Alderman, opposes Wilkes, iii. 136. Townshend, Audrey, Marchioness of, iii. 110. Townshend, Charles ("Weathercock"), i. 99. Chancellor of Exchequer, iii. 109. Character, iii. 110. Death, iii. 113. Introduces tea tax for America, iii. 113. Townshend, Charles, Viscount: Accompanies King to Hanover, i. 237. Dismissed, i. 164. President of Council, i. 182. Resigns office, i. 304. Secretary of State, i. 97, 278. Sketch of, i. 99. Trading Guilds, origin of, iv. 255. Trafalgar, battle of, iii. 337. Traill, H. D., on Laurence Sterne, ii. 302. Treaties (_see_ under various titles). Trichinopoly: Besieged, ii. 262. Relieved, ii. 264. Triennial Parliament Acts, i. 145. Triple Alliance, i. 161, 163. Tucker, Dean, on mutinous colonies, iii. 163. Tullibardine: Dies in Tower, ii. 232. Supports Young Pretender, ii. 205, 206. Turkey in 1716, i. 154.

Ulm, capitulation of, iii. 338. Union, Scotland's attitude towards, i. 83. University College Charter, iv. 261. University of London, Charter, iv. 261. Upper Ossory, John, Earl of, iii. 36. Utrecht, Treaty of, i. 95, 157, 227, 263. Campeachy logwood question and, i. 295. Tories and, i. 92. Trade disputes and, ii. 150. Will of Charles II. and, ii. 27.

Valley Forge, iii. 183. Vanhomrigh, Esther (Vanessa), i. 36. Alters her will, ii. 294. Vansittart, Governor of East India Company, iii. 251. Advice on quarrel of Nawab and Ellis, iii. 252. Vendome, Duc de, i. 100. Character, i. 158. Verazani forms settlement in Canada, ii. 283. Verden ceded to Hanover, i. 161. Verona Congress and Holy Alliance, iv. 39, 42, 45. Victoria, Princess Alexandrina: Birth, iii. 348. Heir-presumptive, iv. 101. William IV, and, iv. 117, 118. Vienna, Congress of, iv. 38. Vienna, Treaty of, i. 295; ii. 30. Virginia protests against Stamp Act, iii. 90. Voltaire, epigram on Byng, ii. 298. Von Steuben in America, iii. 183. Vote by ballot proposed, iv. 131.

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