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Henry of Monmouth, Volume 1 by James Endell Tyler

1398 Bolinbroke banished

Blanche, wife of John of Gaunt died. 1371* John of Gaunt married Constance. 1376 June 8, Edward the Black Prince died. 1377 June 21, King Edward III. died. 1378 Nov. Hotspur first bore arms at Berwick. 1381 Bolinbroke nearly slain by the rioters. 1382 Richard II. married to Queen Anne. 1384 Dec. 31, Wickliffe's death. 1386* Bolinbroke married Mary Bohun. 1387 John of Gaunt went to Spain. 1387* Aug. 9,* HENRY born at MONMOUTH. 1388 Hotspur taken prisoner by the Scots. 1388 Thomas Duke of Clarence born. 1389 Nov. 9, Isabel, Richard II.'s wife, born. 1389* Nov.* John of Gaunt returned from Spain. (p. xiv) 1389* John Duke of Bedford born. 1390* Humfrey Duke of Gloucester born. 1390} Bolinbroke visited Barbary. 1391} 1392} Bolinbroke visited Prussia and the Holy Sepulchre. 1393} 1394* Mary, HENRY's mother, died. 1394* Constance, John of Gaunt's wife, died. 1394 June 7, Anne, Richard II.'s Queen, died. 1396 John of Gaunt recalled from Acquitaine by Richard II. 1396 John of Gaunt married Katharine Swynford. 1397 Arundel, Archbishop of Canterbury, banished. 1397 Sept. 29, Bolinbroke created Duke of Hereford. 1397* John Oldcastle, Lord Cobham, banished. 1397 Nov. 4, Richard II. married to Isabel. 1398* Henry of Monmouth resided in Oxford. 1398 July 14, Henry Beaufort consecrated Bishop of Lincoln. 1398 Sept. 16, Bolinbroke and Norfolk at Coventry. 1398 Bolinbroke banished. 1399 Feb. 3, John of Gaunt died. 1399 May 29, Richard II. sailed for Ireland. 1399 June 23, HENRY of Monmouth knighted. 1399 June 28, News of Bolinbroke's designs reached London. 1399 July 4, Bolinbroke landed at Ravenspur. 1399 August, HENRY shut up in Trym Castle. 1399 August, Richard landed at Milford. 1399 Aug. 14, Richard fell into Bolinbroke's hands. 1399 August, Bolinbroke sent to Ireland for HENRY. 1399 August, Death of the young Duke of Gloucester. 1399 Sept. 1, Bolinbroke brought Richard captive to London. 1399 Oct. 1, Richard's resignation of the crown read in Parliament. 1399 Oct. 13, Bolinbroke crowned as Henry IV. (p. xv) 1399 Oct. 15, HENRY created PRINCE of Wales. 1400 Jan. 4, Conspiracy against the King at Windsor. 1400* Feb. 14,* Richard II. died at Pontefract. 1400* Oct. 25,* Chaucer died. 1400 June Henry IV. proceeded to Scotland. 1400 June 23, Lord Grey of Ruthyn's letter to HENRY. 1400 Sept. 19, First proclamation against the Welsh. 1400 Owyn Glyndowr in open rebellion. 1401 HENRY in Wales, before April 10. 1401 April 10, Hotspur's first Letter. 1401* Sept. 13,* KATHARINE, HENRY's Queen, born. 1401* Nov. 11,* Restoration of Isabel. 1402 April 3, Henry IV. espoused to Joan of Navarre. 1402 June 12,* Edmund Mortimer taken prisoner. 1432 Sept. 14, Battle of Homildon. 1402* Nov. 30,* Edmund Mortimer married to a daughter of Owyn Glyndowr. 1403 March 7, HENRY appointed Lieutenant of Wales. 1403* May 30, HENRY's Letter to the Council. 1403 July 21, Battle of Shrewsbury. 1404 May 10, Glyndowr dated "the fourth year of our Principality." 1404 June 10, Welsh with Frenchmen overran Archenfield. 1404 June 25, HENRY's letter to his father. 1404 Oct. 6, Parliament at Coventry. 1405 Feb. 20, Sons of the Earl of March stolen from Windsor. 1405 March 1, Crown settled on HENRY and his brothers. 1405 March 11, Battle of Grosmont. 1405 May, Revolt of the Earl of Northumberland and Bardolf. 1405 June 8, Scrope, Archbishop of York, beheaded. 1406 June 7, Testimony of the Commons to HENRY's excellences. 1406* June 29,* Isabel married to Angouleme. 1407* Nov. 1,* HENRY went to Scotland. 1408 Feb.

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