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A History of the French Novel, Vol. 2

La Vie Privee de Michel Teissier


d'Aurevilly, Jules. _Les Diaboliques_, 1874; _L'Ensorcelee_, 1854; _Un Prete Marie_, 1865.

Cladel, Leon. _Les Va-nu-pieds_, 1873; _Crete-Rouge_, 1880; _La Fete Votive de Saint-Bartholomee Porte-Glaive_, 1872.

Champfleury. _Les Excentriques_, 1852; _Madame Eugenio_, 1874.

Goncourt, E. and J. Dates in text: from 1860 to 1870.

---- E. only. _Cherie_, 1884.

Zola, E. _Contes a Ninon_, 1864; _L'Attaque du Moulin_, 1880; The Rougon-Macquart books, 1871-93; "Les Trois Villes," 1894-98; "Les Quatre Evangiles," 1890-1903.

Maupassant, Guy de. _Boule de Suif_, 1880; _La Maison Tellier_, 1881; _Bel-Ami_, 1885; _Une Vie_, 1883; _Pierre et Jean_, 1888; _Fort comme la Mort_, 1889; _Notre Coeur_, 1890. Smaller Tales, 1880-93, and posthumously.

Huysmans, J. K. Contribution to _Les Soirees de Medan_, 1880; _Les Soeurs Vatard_, 1879; _La-Bas_, 1891; _A Rebours_, 1884.

Belot, Adolphe. _Mlle. Giraud ma Femme_, 1870; _La Femme de Feu_, 1872.

Fabre, Ferdinand. _L'Abbe Tigrane_, 1873; _Norine_, 1889; _Le Marquis de Pierrerue_, 1874; _Mon Oncle Celestin_, 1881; _Lucifer_, 1884; _Taillevent_, 1894; _Toussaint Galabru_, 1887.

Theuriet, Andre. _Sauvageonne_, 1881;

_Raymonde_, 1877; _Le Fils Maugars_, 1879.

Ohnet, Georges. _Serge Panine_, 1881; _Le Maitre de Forges_, 1882; _Le Docteur Rameau_, 1888; _La Grande Marniere_, 1885.

Rod, Edouard. _La Course a la Mort_, 1885; _Le Sens de la Vie_, 1889; _La Vie Privee de Michel Teissier_, 1893 (2nd part, 1894); _La Sacrifiee_, 1892; _Le Silence_, 1894; _La-Haut_, 1897; _L'Eau Courante_, 1902.

Mendes, Catulle. _Lesbia_, 1886.

(_In a not inconsiderable number of cases a difference of_ one _year will be found, from the dates as given in some reference books. This, which renews the elder trouble of "Old" and "New" Style, arises, probably, if not certainly, from the fact of the book having appeared late in autumn or early in spring, with a title-page, anticipatory or retrospective, as the case may be. The same thing occurs, of course, with English books; but not, I think, so often. French books, moreover, unless I am mistaken, not infrequently appear with_ no _date on title-page._)


(This Index has been constructed on the same principles as that of Vol. I. But the full names, birth- and death-dates, titles, etc., of authors included in the former Index are not repeated here.)

_Abencerage, Le Dernier_, 20 _note_

About, Edmond (1828-1885), 427-436

Achard, Amedee, 281, 319-321, 349

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