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A Half Century of Conflict - Volume I by Parkman

212 Governor Mascarene to Pere des Enclaves


_La Ronde Denys au Ministre, 3 Decembre, 1715._

[205] _Costebelle au Ministre, 15 Janvier, 1715._

[206] _Governor Mascarene to the Secretary of State, 1 December, 1743._ At this time there was also a blockhouse at Canseau, where a few soldiers were stationed. These were then the only British posts in the province. In May, 1727, Philipps wrote to the Lords of Trade: "Everything there [at Annapolis] is wearing the face of ruin and decay," and the ramparts are "lying level with the ground in breaches sufficiently wide for fifty men to enter abreast."

[207] _Philipps to Secretary Craggs, 26 September, 1720._

[208] _Selections from the Public Documents of Nova Scotia, 18, note._

[209] "Those who are willing to remain there [in Acadia] and to be subject to the kingdom of Great Britain, are to enjoy the free exercise of their religion according to the usage of the Church of Home, as far as the laws of Great Britain do allow the same."--_Treaty of Utrecht, 14th article._

[210] _Minutes of Council, 18 May, 1736._ _Governor Armstrong to the Secretary of State, 22 November, 1736._

[211] _Minutes of Council, 18 September, 1740_, in _Nova Scotia Archives_.

[212] _Governor Mascarene to Pere des Enclaves, 29 June, 1741._

style="text-align: justify;">[213] _Deputy-Governor Doucette to the Secretary of State, 5 November, 1717._

[214] _Governor Armstrong to the Secretary of State, 30 April, 1727._

[215] _Governor Philipps to Secretary Craggs, 26 September, 1720._

[216] _Ibid., 26 May, 1720._

[217] _Armstrong to the Secretary of State, 22 November, 1736._ The dismissal of French priests and the substitution of others was again recommended some time after.

[218] The motives for paying priests for instructing the people of a province ceded to England are given in a report of the French Marine Council. The Acadians "ne pourront jamais conserver un veritable attachement a la religion et _a leur legitime souverain_ sans le secours d'un missionnaire" (_Deliberations du Conseil de Marine, 23 Mai, 1719_, in _Le Canada-Francais_). The Intendant Begon highly commends the efforts of the missionaries to keep the Acadians in the French interest (_Begon au Ministre, 25 Septembre, 1715_), and Vaudreuil praises their zeal in the same cause (_Vaudreuil au Ministre, 31 Octobre, 1717_).

[219] _Deliberations du Conseil de Marine, 3 Mai, 1718._

[220] _Record of Council at Annapolis, 11 and 24 October, 1726._

[221] _Armstrong to Saint-Ovide, 17 June, 1732._

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