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A History of Art for Beginners and Students

105 Italy in fourteenth century

Hamilton, Gavin, 60

Harald Hildetand, 252

Harcourt, Comte d', Pigalle's statue of, 230

"Harpy Monument," 24

Hartmann of Aue, 115

Hayder, Simon, 163

Hebe, by Thorwaldsen, 258

Heinrich II., Krafft's statue of, 168

Helios, 69

Henry II., monument of, 216

Henry III. of England, 121

Henry VII., monument of, 179

Hephaestus (Vulcan) by Alcamenes, 49

Hera; statue of, by Polycleitus, 53; temple of, at Argos, 53 (and _see_ Juno)

Heracles (Hercules); and Triton, 23; and Cecrops, 23 (and _see_ Hercules)

Hercules; by Scopas, 59; by Lysippus, 69; caricature of, 80; the Farnesian, 88; by Vischer, 174; by Michael Angelo, 196; and Nessus, by Giovanni da Bologna, 214; by Pigalle, 230; and Lichas, by Canova, 247 (and _see_ Heracles)

Hermes, by Thorwaldsen, 258

Hernandez, Gregorio, 218, 220

style="text-align: justify;"> Hesperides, apples of, 89

Hieracosphinx, 6

Hildesheim, bronze gate at, 112

History shown by Assyrian bas-reliefs, 16

Honor and Valor, temple of, 83

Hope, Thomas, 251, 256

"Hope," Thorwaldsen's statue of, 260

Hosmer, Harriet, 278

Hoeyer, 253

Humboldt, Baron von, 257, 258

Huskisson, Gibson's statue of, 276

"Hylas and Nymphs" (Gibson), 277

Iliad, selection from, 94

Intarsiatore, 152

Iphigenia, relief of, 90

Isabella of Aragon, statue of, 119

Ischia, Marquis of, 244

Isocephalism, 44

Italian classic sculpture, time of, 105

Italy in fourteenth century, 126

Ivory carving; in Byzantium, 108; in Germany, 110; in fourteenth century, 123

"Jacob and Esau," 139

Jacopo della Fonte, 137

Jaen, cathedral of, 220

Janina, 92

Jason, by Thorwaldsen, 255

Johannis Cemetery, 167, 168

"John the Baptist," by Andrea Pisano, 134; by Berruguete, 218

Jordan, Esteban, 218

Joseph; history of, by Ghiberti, 139; and Potiphar's wife, 193

Joseph of Arimathea, by Canova, 243

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