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A History of Giggleswick School by Bell

Jurisdiction of Governors over School Arrangements


Subject as in this Scheme provided, the Head Master shall receive a stipend in accordance with a rate or scale fixed by the Governors.

_Assistant Masters._

29. The power of appointing and dismissing Assistant Masters in the School shall be exercised by the Head Master, after obtaining in every case the approval of the Governors, and every Assistant Master shall be dismissible at pleasure, either on notice given in accordance with the provisions of this Scheme, or in the case of misconduct or other good and urgent cause, without notice.

An Assistant Master may at any time be suspended from duty by the Head Master, and the Head Master shall in that case report the matter to the Governors.

_Pensions or Insurance._

30. The Governors may contribute, or agree to contribute, while any Master is in their employment, towards yearly payments for securing on his behalf a pension or capital sum payable after that employment has ceased. The amount contributed by the Governors in respect of a Master in any year shall not exceed that contributed by the Master.


_Jurisdiction of Governors over School Arrangements._

31. Within the limits fixed by this Scheme, the Governors shall prescribe the

general subjects of instruction, the relative prominence and value to be assigned to each group of subjects, what reports shall be required to be made to them by the Head Master, the arrangements respecting the school terms, vacations, and holidays, and the number of boarders. They shall take general supervision of the sanitary condition of the school buildings and arrangements. They shall every year fix the amount which they think proper to be paid out of the income of the Foundation applicable for the purposes of the School for providing and maintaining a proper School plant and apparatus and awarding prizes.

_Views and Proposals of Head Master._

32. Before making any rules under the last foregoing clause, the Governors shall consult the Head Master in such a manner as to give him full opportunity for the expression of his views. The Head Master may also from time to time submit proposals to the Governors for making or altering rules concerning any matter within the province of the Governors. The Governors shall fully consider any such expression of views or proposals and shall decide upon them.

_Jurisdiction of Head Master over School Arrangements._

33. Subject to any rules prescribed by or under the authority of this Scheme, the Head Master shall have under his control the choice of books, the method of teaching, the arrangement of classes and school hours, and generally the whole internal organization, management, and discipline of the School, including the power of expelling boys from the School or suspending them from attendance for any adequate cause to be judged of by him, but on expelling or suspending any boy he shall forthwith report the case to the Governors.

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