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A History of Giggleswick School by Bell

Six poundes thirtene shillinges fourepence


he shall not teache his schollers any unsavory and popishe aucthours which may eyther infecte the yonge wittes of his schollers with heriesies, or corrupte there lyfes with uncleanenes.

Fourthly he shall not use in schoole any language to his schollers which be of ryper yeares and proceadinges but onely the lattyne, Greeke and Hebrewe, nor shall willingly permitt the use of the Englishe tonge in the schoole to them which are or shalbe able to speake lattyne.

Fyftely he shall indifferently in schoole endevour himselfe to teache the poore as well as the riche, and the parishioner as well as the stranger, and as his said schollers shall profitt in learninge, so he shall preferre them accordingly, without respecte of persons.

Sixtely he shall not be absent above six dayes in any one quarter of the yeare, without speciall licence of the Governours for the tyme beinge, or the more parte of them, nor shall use any vacations througheout the yeare unlesse it be two weekes att Easter, three weekes att Christenmes, and three weekes by the said master to be appointed when he thinketh it most convenient for his schollers to be exercysed in wrytinge under a scriviner for there better exercyse in that facultye; provyded alwayes that he may upon any convenient occasion grante an intermission or vacation to his schollers from studye, in any afternoone whensoever he seeth the same expedient

or requisite.

Seaventhly that the said Scholemaster in recompence of his paynes and labour in the due exequution of his office, shall have and receyve yearely of the said Governours the yearely stipend of twentie markes of lawfull Englishe money, for and duringe so longe tyme as he shall continue scholemaster att the schoole of Gygleswicke aforesaid, to be payd att two tymes in the yeare, vidz.:--att the feast of saynt Peter advincula, six poundes thirtene shillinges fourepence, and at the feast of the Purificacion of our Ladye, six poundes thirtene shillinges fourepence, by even portions.

Lastly the said master shall not bygynne to teache or dismisse the said Schoole without convenient prayers and thankesgyveinge, in that behalfe publiquely to be used, most requisite att bothe mornynge and evenynge.

For the Usher.

First the Usher of the schoole shalbe a man of sounde religion and sober lyfe, and such one as can traine upp the Yowthe of the Schoole in godlynes and vertue.

Secondly he shalbe obedient to the scholemaster in all thinges concernynge his office, by whome he shalbe directed for his manner in teacheing, cathechiesinge, correctinge, &c.

Thirdly he shall not absent himselfe from the schoole foure dayes in any quarter of the yeare, without speciall lycence first obteyned of the master and Governours.

Fourthly he shall preferr every yeare one whole forme or seedge to the masters erudition, wherein if he make defaulte then he shall stande to the censure of the said master and Governours.

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