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A Handful of Stars by Frank Boreham

It is better to introduce him to Robert Murray McCheyne


Davidson, Skye's master, is a sinner saved by grace. And it is his sense of sin and his sense of grace, his need of a God and his need of a Saviour, that remove him by whole infinities from the faithful brute on the chair. 'A sinner,' as our fathers used to sing:

A sinner is a sacred thing, The Holy Ghost hath made him so.

When the soul feels after God, and the heart cries out for a Saviour, it is proof positive of the divinity that dwells within us.


'_One God--but no Mediator!_' sighs Job.

'_One God--and one Mediator!_' cries Paul.

None! One! The difference between _none_ and _one_ is a difference of millions. _None_ means nothing, _one_ means everything. _None_ means failure: _one_ means felicity. _None_ means despair: _one_ means delight. _None_ means perdition: _one_ means paradise. The difference between '_no Mediator_' and '_one Mediator_' is a difference that can never be worked out by arithmetic.

'_One God_'--and only one!

'_And one Mediator!_'--only one!

But one is enough. It is only in the small things of life that I long for a selection; in the great things of life I only long for satisfaction. When my appetite is sated, and food is almost a matter of

indifference to me, I like to be invited to choose between this, that, and the other. But when I am starving, I do not hanker after a choice. I do not want to choose. Put food before me, and I am content. If I am taking a stroll for the mere pleasure of walking, I like to come to a place where several roads meet, and to select the path that seems to be most tempting. But if, weary and travelworn, I am struggling desperately homewards, I do not want to have to choose my path. I dread the place where many roads meet--the place where I may go astray. My felicity lies in simplicity: I want but one road if that road leads home. Robinson Crusoe climbs the hills of his island solitude and shades his eyes with his hand as he sweeps the watery horizon. He is looking for a sail. _One_ ship will do: he does not want a fleet. There is but _one_ way of salvation for my storm-tossed soul: there is but _one_ Name given under heaven among men whereby we must be saved: '_there is one God and one Mediator between God and Men_'--and _one_ is ample. The difference between '_no Mediator_' and '_one Mediator_' is a difference that has all eternity within it.


But it is time that we came to close quarters. There are two people in every congregation with whom the minister finds it very difficult to deal. There is the man upon whose conscience sin lies very heavily, and there is the man upon whose soul it sits very lightly.

The _first_ of these two perplexing individuals is afraid to approach the Mediator. He feels it to be a kind of presumption. It is difficult to argue with him. It is better to introduce him to Robert Murray McCheyne. McCheyne had the same feeling. 'I am ashamed to go to Christ,' he says. 'I feel, when I have sinned, that it would do no good to go. It seems to be making Christ a Minister of Sin to go straight from the swine-trough to the best robe.' But he came to see that there is no other way, and that all his plausible reasonings were but the folly of his own beclouded heart. 'The weight of my sin,' he writes, 'should act like the weight of a clock; the heavier it is, the faster it makes it go!'

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