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A Historical Survey of the Customs, Habits, & Pres

Prove the language of the Gypsies


following list of words was taken from the Annual Register of 1784, or 1785, with a few I have now subjoined from Grellmann.--In some of the instances where he has failed of producing the corresponding Hindostanie word, the supply of them will, I hope, prove the language of the Gypsies, and that of Hindostan to be the same, or very intimately connected with each other.

_Gypsey_. _Hindostanie_. _English_.

Bebee Beebe Aunt, _a respectful feminine termination from baba_, _Father_.

Pawnee Paniee Brook, Drink, Water

Cauliban Kalaburn Black

Davies, Devus Dewus Day

Rattie Rat Dark night

Can Kan The Ear

Dad Dada Father

Mutchee Muchee Fish

Bootsee Buholsee Great

Gur Ghur House

Shing Seen Horn

style="text-align: justify;">Tuttoo Tutta Heat

Riah Raye Lord

Rriena Ra, enee Lady

Dai Da'ee Mother

Mass Mas Meat or food

Nack Nak Nose

Bouropanee Bura-panee Ocean, wave

Loon Loon Salt

Rook Rook, h A Tree

Tschar Char A Thief

Mul Mool Wine

Captain Richardson continues the list through four pages.


Present state the Gypsies in England.

* * * * *

It has been already stated, in the Introduction to this work, that the author visited an encampment of Gypsies. It consisted of five tents, situated near Rushden, within two miles of the pleasant town of Higham Ferrers. He did not reconnoitre the camp till about mid-day, having been informed that by this time, it was probable, the able-bodied persons of both sexes would be drawn off to a feast and a fair, in different situations, not very distant. It proved so; there were only two women, three children, and an infant remaining in the tents; which were the residence of several branches of the numerous families of Smith, and Loversedge, names well known in the county of Northampton.

The head of the former, has been many years a dealer in asses, or donkies; and is reputed to be possessed of some property. His wife, more than eighty years of age, was seated at the entrance of one of the tents, weaving a cabbage net. The other woman, who was middle aged, was nursing an infant; and the eldest of the children, about twelve years of age, was making preparation for washing; a pan was suspended from three poles, under which she had kindled a fire, to boil water. The very tattered and squalid appearance of this poor girl was truly affecting.

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