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To the Editor of the Christian Observer


* * * * *

_To the Editor of the Christian Observer_. {206}

I am much pleased with the interest which your two correspondents, Fraternicus, and H. appear to take, in the spiritual and eternal condition of that ignorant and degraded class of human beings, the Gypsies.

I wish much to see appropriate and active measures adopted, immediately to put into execution the benevolent suggestions of your worthy and sensible correspondents. I cannot do a great deal in a pecuniary point of view, but in counsel and influence I could do more.

I feel no hesitation in inviting your correspondents to a meeting on the subject, with a view to the formation of some plan, and the consequent commencement of active exertions. One of the first objects to be aimed at, is the introduction of cleanliness and decorum.--Another object to be attended to, is, the teaching of them, especially the young, to read; and then the supplying of them with testaments and religious tracts.

There are many of the latter which would be both entertaining and useful to them; but the most direct means to do them good is, by

frequent intercourse with them, and plain and familiar conversation, prudently conducted. And if any thing be done, it must be undertaken in a patient and persevering spirit.

The soil which it is proposed to cultivate, is remarkably barren and unpropitious; of course a plentiful harvest must not be soon expected. The persons to be employed in this work of faith and labour of love, must not only be men of prudence and discretion, but men of information, and possessing clear and cool heads, and warm hearts.

I have no doubt, but that in these times of active benevolence and zeal, when a good plan is laid, and funds provided, instruments will be found, who with love in their hearts, will go seek those wandering sheep in the wilderness, for whom no man hath yet cared.

Many good hints, Mr. Editor, are often fruitless for want of immediate attention; and many a good work long talked of is not only suspended, but never begun, for want of some one to put forth the hand and begin. I for one, say to your two correspondents, "let us arise and build; let us begin; there is no fear of progress and help."

I remain, &c. MINIMUS.

* * * * *

_To the Editor of the Christian Observer_. {208}

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