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A History of Witchcraft in England from 1558 to 17

Entituled The Surey Demoniack London


are now at the end of the witch trials. In another chapter we shall trace the history of opinion through this last period. With the dismissal of the Norton women at Leicester, the courts were through with witch trials.

[1] See below, pp. 342-343.

[2] We are assuming that the cases at Northampton in 1705 and at Huntingdon in 1716 have no basis of fact. At Northampton two women, according to the pamphlet account, had been hanged and burnt; at Huntingdon, according to another account, a woman and her daughter. It is possible that these pamphlets deal with historical events; but the probabilities are all against that supposition. For a discussion of the matter in detail see below, appendix A, Sec. 10.

[3] For his early history see _The Surey Demoniack, ... or, an Account of Satan's ... Actings, In and about the Body of Richard Dugdale...._ (London, 1697).

[4] The Catholics do not seem, so far as the account goes, to have said anything about witchcraft.

[5] _The Surey Demoniack_, 49; Zachary Taylor, _The Surey Impostor, being an answer to a ... Pamphlet, Entituled The Surey Demoniack_ (London, 1697), 21-22.

[6] "N. N.," _The Lancashire Levite Rebuked, or a Vindication of the Dissenters from Popery...._ (London, 1698), 3-4; see also the preface of _The Surey Demoniack_.

style="text-align: justify;">[7] _Ibid._

[8] _The Wonders of the Invisible World: being an Account of the Tryals of ... Witches ... in New England_ (London, 1693), by Cotton Mather, and _A Further Account of the Tryals of the New-England Witches_ (London, 1693), by Increase Mather. See preface to _The Surey Demoniack_.

[9] Thomas Jollie told a curious tale about how the manuscript had been forcibly taken from the man who was carrying it to the press by a group of armed men on the Strand. See _ibid._

[10] Alexander Gordon in his article on Thomas Jollie, _Dict. Nat. Biog._, says that the pamphlet was drafted by Jollie and expanded by Carrington. Zachary Taylor, in his answer to it (_The Surey Impostor_), constantly names Mr. Carrington as the author. "N. N.," in _The Lancashire Levite Rebuked_, also assumes that Carrington was the author.

[11] _The Devil Turned Casuist, or the Cheats of Rome Laid open in the Exorcism of a Despairing Devil...._ By Zachary Taylor, ... (London, 1696).

[12] It is interesting that Zachary Taylor's father was a Non-Conformist; see _The Lancashire Levite Rebuked_, 2.

[13] London, 1697.

[14] _The Devil Turned Casuist._

[15] _A Vindication of the Surey Demoniack_, 17.

[16] Taylor replied to Jollie's _Vindication of the Surey Demoniack_ in 1698 with a pamphlet entitled _Popery, Superstition, Ignorance and Knavery ... very fully proved ... in the Surey Imposture_. Then came _The Lancashire Levite Rebuked_, by the unknown writer, "N. N.," whose views we give in the text. Taylor seems to have answered in a letter to "N. N." which called forth a scathing reply (1698) in _The Lancashire Levite Rebuked, or a Farther Vindication of the Dissenters...._ Taylor's reply, which came out in 1699, was entitled _Popery, Superstition, Ignorance, and Knavery Confess'd and fully Proved on the Surey Dissenters...._

[17] "N. N." _The Lancashire Levite Rebuked_. The Rev. Alexander Gordon, in his article on Zachary Taylor, _Dict. Nat. Biog._, says that Carrington probably wrote this book. This seems impossible. The author of the book, in speaking of Mr. Jollie, Mr. R. Fr. [Frankland], and Mr. O. H. [Oliver Heywood], refers to Mr. C. as having "exposed himself in so many insignificant Fopperies foisted into his Narrative"--proof enough that Carrington did not write _The Lancashire Levite Rebuked_.

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