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A History of Witchcraft in England from 1558 to 17

Confess'd and fully Proved on the Surey Dissenters


Northamptonshire Witches ..., 1705._

The second of these is the completer account. They are by the same author and are probably fabrications; see below, Sec. 10.

_The Whole Trial of Mrs. Mary Hicks and her Daughter Elizabeth ..., 1716._ See below, Sec. 10.

Sec. 8.--The Surey Pamphlets (see ch. XIII).

_The Devil Turned Casuist, or the Cheats of Rome Laid open in the Exorcism of a Despairing Devil at the House of Thomas Pennington in Oriel.... By Zachary Taylor, M. A., Chaplain to the Right reverend Father in God, Nicholas, Lord Bishop of Chester, and Rector of Wigan_, London, 1696.

_The Surey Demoniack, Or an Account of Satan's Strange and Dreadful Actings, In and about the Body of Richard Dugdale of Surey, near Whalley in Lancashire. And How he was Dispossest by Gods blessing on the Fastings and Prayers of divers Ministers and People_, London, 1697. Fishwick, _Notebook of Jollie_ (Chetham Soc.), p. xxiv says this was written by Thomas Jollie and John Carrington. The preface is signed by "Thomas Jolly" and five other clergymen. Probably Jollie wrote the pamphlet and Carrington revised it. See above, ch. XIII, note 10. Jollie disclaimed the sole responsibility for it. See his _Vindication_, 7. Taylor in _The Surey Impostor_ assumes that Carrington wrote _The Surey Demoniack_; see _e. g._ p. 21.

justify;">_The Surey Imposter, being an answer to a late Fanatical Pamphlet, entituled The Surey Demoniack._ By Zachary Taylor. London, 1697.

_A Vindication of the Surey Demoniack as no Imposter: Or, A Reply to a certain Pamphlet publish'd by Mr. Zach. Taylor, called The Surey Imposter...._ By T. J., London, 1698. Written by Jollie.

_Popery, Superstition, Ignorance and Knavery very unjustly by a letter in the general pretended; but as far as was charg'd very fully proved upon the Dissenters that were concerned in the Surey Imposture._ 1698. Written by Zachary Taylor.

_The Lancashire Levite Rebuked, or a Vindication of the Dissenters from Popery, Superstition, Ignorance, and Knavery, unjustly Charged on them by Mr. Zachary Taylor...._ London, 1698. Signed "N. N.;" see above ch. XIII, note 17.

_The Lancashire Levite Rebuked, or a Farther Vindication_, 1698. This seems to have been an answer to a "letter to Mr. N. N." which Taylor had published. We have, however, no other mention of such a letter.

_Popery, Superstition, Ignorance, and Knavery, Confess'd and fully Proved on the Surey Dissenters, from a Second Letter of an Apostate Friend, to Zach. Taylor. To which is added a Refutation of T. Jollie's Vindication ..._, London, 1699. Written by Zachary Taylor.

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