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A History of Witchcraft in England from 1558 to 17

Oliffe Bartham of Shadbrook executed

1598. St. Peter's, Kent. Two women suspected by the church officials; one of them presented again the next year. _Archaeol. Cant._, XXVI, 46.

1598. King's Lynn. Elizabeth Housegoe executed. Mackerell, _History and Antiquities of King's Lynn_, 232.

1599. Bury St. Edmunds, Suffolk. Jone Jordan of Shadbrook tried. Darrel, _A Survey of Certaine Dialogical Discourses_, 54.

1599. Bury St. Edmunds, Suffolk. Joane Nayler tried. _Ibid._

1599. Bury St. Edmunds, Suffolk. Oliffe Bartham of Shadbrook executed. _The Triall of Maist. Dorrel_, 92-98.

1599. London. Anne Kerke of Bokes-wharfe executed at "Tiburn." _The Triall of Maist. Dorrel_, 99-103.

1600. Hertford. A "notable witch" committed to the gaol at Hertford. _Hist. MSS. Comm. Reports, Cecil MSS._, pt. X, 310.

1600. Rosa Bexwell pardoned. Bodleian, Tanner MSS., CLXVIII, fol. 104.

1600. Norfolk. Margaret Fraunces committed for a long time. Probably released by justice of the peace on new evidence. _Hist. MSS. Comm. Reports_, X, pt. II (Gawdy MSS.), 71. See also below, pp. 400, 401.

1600. Ipswich, Suffolk.

Several conjurers suspected. _Cal. St. P., Dom._, 1598-1601, 523.

1601. Bishop Burton, York. Two women apprehended for bewitching a boy. Brit. Mus., Add. MSS., 32,496, fol. 42 b.

1601. Middlesex. Richard Nelson of St. Katharine's arraigned. _Middlesex County Records_, I, 260.

1601. Nottingham. Ellen Bark presented at the sessions. _Records of the Borough of Nottingham_, IV, 260-261.

1602. Middlesex. Elizabeth Roberts of West Drayton indicted on three charges, acquitted. _Middlesex County Records_, I, 212.

1602. Saffron Walden, Essex. Alice Bentley tried before the quarter sessions. Case probably dismissed. Darrel, _A Survey of Certaine Dialogical Discourses_, 54.

temp. Eliz. Northfleet, Kent. Pardon to Alice S. for bewitching a cow and pigs. Bodleian, Rawlinson MSS., C 404, fol. 205 b.

temp. Eliz. Woman condemned to prison and pillory. Gifford, _Dialogue concerning Witches_ (1603), L 4 verso.

temp. Eliz. Cambridge. Two women perhaps hanged at this time. Henry More, _Antidote to Atheisme_, III. But see 1605, Cambridge.

temp. Eliz. Mother W. of W. H. said to have been executed. Gifford, _Dialogue concerning Witches_, D 4 verso--E.

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