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A History of Witchcraft in England from 1558 to 17

Louth Old Corporation Records

1624. Bristol. Two witches said to have been executed. John Latimer, _The Annals of Bristol in the Seventeenth Century_ (Bristol, 1900), 91. Latimer quotes from another "annalist."

temp. Jac. I? Two women said to have been hanged. Story doubtful. Edward Poeton, _Winnowing of White Witchcraft_ (Brit. Mus., Sloane MSS., 1,954), 41-42.

temp. Jac. I. Norfolk. Joane Harvey accused for scratching "an olde witche" there, "Mother Francis nowe deade." Mother Francis had before been imprisoned at Norwich. Brit. Mus., Add. MSS., 28,223, fol. 15.

temp. Jac. I. Warwickshire. Coventry haunted by "hellish sorcerers." "The pestilent brood" also in Cheshire. Thomas Cooper, _The Mystery of Witchcraft_ (1617),13, 16.

temp. Jac. I. Norwich. Witches probably accused for illness of a child. Possibly Mother Francis was one of them. Cooper, _ibid._, "Epistle Dedicatorie."

1626. Taunton, Somerset. Edmund Bull and Joan Greedie accused. Brit. Mus., Add. MSS., 36,674, fol. 189; Wright, _Narratives of Sorcery and Magic_, II, 139-143. See also Richard Bernard, _Guide to Grand Jurymen_, "Epistle Dedicatorie."

1627. Durham. Sara Hathericke and Jane Urwen accused before the Consistory Court. _Folk-Lore Journal_ (London, 1887), V, 158. Quoted by Edward Peacock from the records of the Consistory Court of Durham.

1627. Linneston, Lancaster. Elizabeth Londesdale accused. Certificate of neighbors in her favor. _Hist. MSS. Comm. Reports_, XIV, pt. 4 (_Kenyon MSS._), 36.

1628. Leepish, Northumberland. Jane Robson committed. Mackenzie, _History of Northumberland_ (Newcastle, 1825), 36. Mackenzie copies from the Mickleton MS.

1630. Lancaster. A certain Utley said to have been hanged for bewitching Richard Assheton. E. Baines, _Lancaster_ (ed. of 1868-1870), II, 12.

1630. Sandwich, Kent. Woman hanged. Wm. Boys, _Collections for an History of Sandwich in Kent_ (Canterbury, 1792), 707.

c. 1630. Wilts. "John Barlowes wife" said to have been executed. MS. letter of 1685-86 printed in the _Gentleman's Magazine_, 1832, pt. I, 405-410.

1633. Louth, Lincolnshire. Witch alarm; two searchers appointed. One witch indicted. Goulding, _Louth Old Corporation Records_, 54.

c. 1633. Lancaster. The father and mother of Mary Spencer condemned. _Cal. S. P., Dom., 1634-1635_, 79.

1633. Norfolk. Woman accused. No arrest made. _Hist. MSS. Comm. Reports_, X, pt. 2 (_Gawdy MSS._), p. 144.

1633-34. Lancaster. Several witches, probably seventeen, tried and condemned. Reprieved by the king. For the many references to this affair see above, chap. VII, footnotes.

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