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A History of Witchcraft in England from 1558 to 17

Middlesex County Records

1652. Middlesex. Temperance Fossett of Whitechapel acquitted. _Middlesex County Records_, III, 208, 288.

1652. Middlesex. Margery Scott of St Martin's-in-the-Fields acquitted. _Ibid._, 209.

1652. Scarborough, Yorkshire. Anne Marchant or Hunnam accused and searched. J. B. Baker, _History of Scarborough_ (London, 1882), 481, using local records.

1652. Durham. Francis Adamson and ---- Powle executed. Richardson, _Table Book_, I, 286.

1652. Exeter, Devonshire. Joan Baker committed. Cotton, _Gleanings ... Relative to the History of ... Exeter_ (Exeter, 1877), 149.

1652. Wilts. William Starr accused and searched. _Hist. MSS. Comm. Reports_, _Various_, I, 127.

1652-53. Cornwall. A witch near Land's End accused, and accuses others. Eight sent to Launceston gaol. Some probably executed (see above, p. 218 and footnotes 24, 25). _Mercurius Politicus_, Nov. 24-Dec. 2, 1653; R. and O. B. Peter, _The Histories of Launceston and Dunheved_ (Plymouth, 1885), 285. See also Burthogge, _Essay upon Reason and the Nature of Spirits_ (London, 1694), 196.

1653. Wilts. Joan Baker of the Devizes makes complaint

because two persons have reported her to be a witch. _Hist. MSS. Comm. Reports_, _Various_, I, 127. Is this the Joan Baker of Exeter mentioned a few lines above?

1653. Wilts. Joan Price of Malmesbury and Elizabeth Beeman of the Devizes indicted, the latter committed to the assizes. _Ibid._

1653. Yorkshire. Elizabeth Lambe accused. _York Depositions_, 58.

1653. Middlesex. Elizabeth Newman of Whitechapel acquitted on one charge, found guilty on another, and sentenced to be hanged. _Middlesex County Records_, III, 217, 218, 289.

1653. Middlesex. Barbara Bartle of Stepney acquitted. _Ibid._, 216.

1653. Leeds, Yorkshire. Isabel Emott indicted for witchcraft upon cattle. _Hist. MSS. Comm. Reports_, IX, pt. 1, 325 b.

1653. Salisbury, Wilts. Anne Bodenham of Fisherton Anger hanged. _Doctor Lamb Revived_; _Doctor Lamb's Darling_; _Aubrey, Folk-Lore and Gentilisme_ (Folk-Lore Soc.), 261; Henry More, _An Antidote against Atheisme_, bk. III, chap. VII.

1654. Yorkshire. Anne Greene of Gargrave examined. _York Depositions_, 64-65.

1654. Yorkshire. Elizabeth Roberts of Beverley examined. _Ibid._, 67.

1654. Wilts. Christiana Weekes of Cleves Pepper, who had been twice before accused in recent sessions, charged with telling where lost goods could be found. "Other conjurers" charged at the same time. _Hist. MSS. Comm. Reports_, _Various_, I, 120. See above, 1610, Norfolk.

1654. Exeter. Diana Crosse committed. Cotton, _Gleanings ... Relative to the History of ... Exeter_, 150.

1654. Wilts. Elizabeth Loudon committed on suspicion. _Hist. MSS. Comm. Reports_, _Various_, I, 129.

1654. Whitechapel, Middlesex. Grace Boxe, arraigned on three charges, acquitted. Acquitted again in 1656. _Middlesex County Records_, III, 223, 293.

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