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A History of Witchcraft in England from 1558 to 17

Sadducismus Triumphatus 1681

1655. Yorkshire. Katherine Earle committed and searched. _York Depositions_, 69.

1655. Salisbury. Margaret Gyngell convicted. Pardoned by the Lord Protector. F. A. Inderwick, _The Interregnum_, 188-189.

1655. Bury St. Edmunds, Suffolk. Mother and daughter Boram said to have been hanged. Hutchinson, _An Historical Essay concerning Witchcraft_, 38.

1656. Yorkshire. Jennet and George Benton of Wakefield examined. _York Depositions_, 74.

1656. Yorkshire. William and Mary Wade committed for bewitching the daughter of Lady Mallory. _York Depositions_, 75-78.

1657. Middlesex. Katharine Evans of Fulham acquitted. _Middlesex County Records_, III, 263.

1657. Middlesex. Elizabeth Crowley of Stepney acquitted, but detained in the house of correction. _Middlesex County Records_, III, 266, 295.

1657. Gisborough, Yorkshire. Robert Conyers, "gent.," accused. _North Riding Record Society_, V, 259.

1658. Exeter. Thomas Harvey of Oakham, Rutlandshire, "apprehended by order of Council by a party of soldiers," acquitted at Exeter assizes, but detained in custody. _Cal. St. P., Dom.,

1658-1659_, 169.

1658. Chard, Somerset. Jane Brooks of Shepton Mallet hanged. Glanvill, _Sadducismus Triumphatus_ (1681), pt. ii, 120-122. (Glanvill used Hunt's book of examinations). J. E. Farbrother, _Shepton Mallet; notes on its history, ancient, descriptive and natural_ (1860), 141.

1658. Exeter. Joan Furnace accused. Cotton, _Gleanings ... Relative to the History of ... Exeter_, 152.

1658. Yorkshire. Some women said to have been accused by two maids. The woman "cast" by the jury. The judges gave a "respite." Story not entirely trustworthy. _The most true and wonderfull Narration of two women bewitched in Yorkshire ..._ (1658).

1658. Wapping, Middlesex. Lydia Rogers accused. _A More Exact Relation of the most lamentable and horrid Contract which Lydia Rogers ... made with the Divel_ (1658). See app. A, Sec. 5, for another tract.

1658. Northamptonshire. Some witches of Welton said to have been examined. Glanvill, _Sadducismus Triumphatus_ (1681), pt. ii, 263-268.

1658. Salisbury, Wilts. The widow Orchard said to have been executed. From a MS. letter of 1685-86, printed in the _Gentleman's Magazine_, 1832, pt. I, 405-410.

1659. Norwich, Norfolk. Mary Oliver burnt. P. Brown, _History of Norwich_, 39. Francis Blomefield, _An Essay towards a Topographical History of the County of Norfolk_ (London, 1805-1810), III, 401.

1659. Middlesex. Elizabeth Kennett of Stepney accused. _Middlesex County Records_, III, 278, 299.

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