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A Handbook to the Works of Browning (6th ed.)

By Elizabeth Barrett and Robert Browning


GARDEN FANCIES. By Robert Browning. I. _The Flower's Name._--II. _Sibrandus Schafnaburgensis._ In _Hood's Magazine_, vol. ii., pp. 140-42, 1844. Revised and enlarged in _Dramatic Romances and Lyrics_ (_Bells and Pom._, No. 7), 1845.

1844. THE BOY AND THE ANGEL. By Robert Browning. In _Hood's Magazine_, vol. ii., pp. 140-42. Enlarged in _Dramatic Romances and Lyrics_ (_Bells and Pomegranates_, No. 7), 1845.

1845. THE TOMB AT ST. PRAXED'S (ROME 15--). By Robert Browning. In _Hood's Magazine_, vol. iii., pp. 237-9, 1845. Enlarged in _Dramatic Romances and Lyrics_ (_Bells and Pomegranates_, No. 7) in same year. Reappeared in _Works_, 1863, and after, with the title "The Bishop Orders his Tomb in St. Praxed's Church."

1845. THE FLIGHT OF THE DUCHESS. By Robert Browning. Part the first, in _Hood's Magazine_, vol. iii., pp. 313-18, 1845. Part II. appeared when the first part was reprinted in _Bells and Pomegranates_, No. 7, in the same year, _Dramatic Romances and Lyrics_.

1849. POEMS BY ROBERT BROWNING. A New Edition [but the first collection under a collective title]. 2 vols., 8vo. Chapman and Hall, 1849.

_Contents_: vol. i. Paracelsus, p. 1. Pippa Passes, a Drama, p. 163. King Victor and King Charles, a Tragedy, p. 231. Colombe's Birthday, a Play, p. 302.

Vol. ii. A Blot in the 'Scutcheon, a Tragedy, p. 1. The Return of the Druses, a Tragedy, p. 61. Luria, a Tragedy, p. 139. A Soul's Tragedy, p. 211. Dramatic Romances and Lyrics, p. 253; 38 of the 41 pieces in _Bells and Pomegranates_, Nos. 3 and 7, the three omitted being _Claret_, _Tokay_, and _Here's to Nelson's Memory_.

1850. CHRISTMAS-EVE AND EASTER-DAY. A Poem. By Robert Browning. 8vo. Chapman and Hall, 1850. Reprinted in _Works_, 1863, and after.

1852. Letters of Percy Bysshe Shelley. With an Introductory ESSAY BY ROBERT BROWNING. London, E. Moxon, 1852. 8vo. [The Essay is on Shelley--not on the "Letters," which were afterwards discovered to be spurious, with one exception.] The Essay was reprinted in the _Browning Society's Papers_, Part I., 1881. Edited by Dr. F. J. Furnivall. Another reprint, edited by W Tyas Harden, appeared in 1888, 8vo.

1854. Two POEMS. By Elizabeth Barrett and Robert Browning. 8vo. London, Chapman and Hall, 1854. Price Sixpence. The poem by Robert Browning here is "The Twins," and is dated "Rome, March 30th, 1854." Reprinted in _Men and Women_, 1855, and in _Works_, 1863 and after. The "Two Poems" were printed by Miss Arabella Barrett for sale at a bazaar in aid of a "Refuge for Young Destitute Girls." Mrs. Browning's contribution was "A Plea for the Ragged Schools of London."

1855. MEN AND WOMEN. By Robert Browning. In two vols. 8vo. London, Chapman and Hall.

Contents: Vol. I.--

_Love Among the Ruins_, p. 1. _A Lover's Quarrel_, p. 17. _Evelyn Hope_, p. 19. _Up at a Villa--Down in the City_, p. 23. _A Woman's Last Word_, p. 31. _Fra Lippo Lippi_, p. 35. _A Toccata of Galuppi's_, p. 56. _By the Fire-side_, p. 63. _Any Wife to Any Husband_, p. 81. _An Epistle concerning the strange Medical Experience of Karshish the Arab Physician_, p. 90. _Mesmerism_, p. 107. _A Serenade at the Villa_, p. 117. _My Star_, p. 122. _Instans Tyrannus_, p. 123. _A Pretty Woman_, p. 128. "_Childe Roland to the Dark Tower came_," p. 134. _Respectability_, p. 149. _A Light Woman_, p. 151. _The Statue and the Bust_, p. 156. _Love in a Life_, p. 173 _Life in a Love_, p. 175. _How it Strikes a Contemporary_, p. 177 _The Last Ride together_, p. 184. _The Patriot._ An Old Story, p. 191. _Master Hugues of Saxe-Gotha_, p. 194. _Bishop Blougram's Apology_, p. 205. _Memorabilia_, p. 259.

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