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A Handbook to the Works of Browning (6th ed.)

Twenty lines in The Keepsake for 1856

Contents of Vol. II.:

_Andrea del Sarto_, p. 1. _Before_, p. 15. _After_, p. 19. _In Three Days_, p. 21. _In a Year_, p. 24. _Old Pictures in Florence_, p. 30. _In a Balcony_, p. 49. _Saul_, p. 111. "_De Gustibus_," p. 147. _Women and Roses_, p. 150. _Protus_, p. 154. _Holy-Cross Day_, p. 158. _The Guardian Angel_, p 167. _Cleon_, p. 171. _The Twins_, p. 190. _Popularity_, p. 193. _The Heretic's Tragedy_, p. 198. _Two in the Campagna_, p. 205. _A Grammarian's Funeral_, p. 210. _One Way of Love_, p. 218. _Another Way of Love_, p. 220. "_Transcendentalism_" p. 223. _Misconceptions_, p. 227. _One Word More._ _To E. B. B._, p. 229.

1856. BEN KARSHOOK'S WISDOM. By Robert Browning. Twenty lines in _The Keepsake_ for 1856, edited by Miss Power. Never reprinted by Mr. Browning. The poem seems to be alluded to in "One Word More."

1857. MAY AND DEATH. By Robert Browning. In _The Keepsake_ for 1857. Reprinted in _Dramatis Personae_, 1864, and in _Works_ 1868, and after.

1863. THE POETICAL WORKS OF ROBERT BROWNING. Third edition. Three vols., 8vo. London, Chapman and Hall, 1863. No new poems in this collection. It was re-issued as "Fourth Edition" in 1865.

Contents: Vol. I.

justify;"> LYRICS.

_Cavalier Times_:-- I. _Marching Along_, p. 1. II. _Give a Rouse_, p. 2. III. _Boot and Saddle_, p. 3. _The Lost Leader_, p. 4. _How they brought the Good News from Ghent to Aix_, p. 6. _Through the Metidja to Abd-el-Kader,_ p. 9. _Nationality in Drinks_:-- I. _Claret_, p. 11. II. _Tokay_, p. 11. III. _Beer_ (_Nelson_), p. 12. _Garden Fancies_:-- I. _The Flower's Name_, p. 13. II. _Sibrandus Schafnaburgensis_, p. 15. III. _Soliloquy of the Spanish Cloister_, p. 18. _The Laboratory_, p. 21. _The Confessional_, p. 24. _Cristina_, p. 27. _The Lost Mistress_, p. 30 _Earth's Immortalities_, p. 31. _Meeting at Night_, p. 32. _Parting at Morning_, p. 33. _Song_ ("_Nay but you_"), p. 33. _A Woman's Last Word_, p. 34. _Evelyn Hope_, p. 36. _Love Among the Ruins_, p. 38. _A Lover's Quarrel_, p. 42. _Up at a Villa--Down in the City_, p. 49 _A Toccata of Galuppi's_, p. 54. _Old Pictures in Florence_, p. 58. "_De Gustibus_ ----" p. 70. _Home Thoughts, from Abroad_, p. 72. _Home Thoughts, from the Sea_, p. 73. _Saul_, p. 74. _My Star_, p. 98. _By the Fireside_, p. 98. _Any Wife to any Husband_, p. 110. _Two in the Campagna_, p. 116. _Misconceptions_, p. 119. _A Serenade at the Villa_, p. 119. _One Way of Love_, p. 122. _Another Way of Love_, p. 123. _A Pretty Woman_, p. 125. _Respectability_, p. 129. _Love in a Life_, p. 130. _Life in a Love_, p. 131. _In Three Days_, p. 132. _In a Year_, p. 133. _Women and Roses_, p. 137. _Before_, p. 139. _After_, p. 141. _The Guardian Angel_--A Picture at Fano, p. 142. _Memorabilia_, p. 145. _Popularity_, p. 146. _Master Hugues of Saxe-Gotha_, p. 149.


_Incident of the French Camp_, p. 156 _The Patriot._ An Old Story, p. 158. _My Last Duchess._ Ferrara, p. 159. _Count Gismond._ Aix in Provence, p. 162. _The Boy and the Angel_, p. 167. _Instans Tyrannus_, p. 171. _Mesmerism_, p. 174. _The Glove_, p. 180. _Time's Revenge_, p. 187. _The Italian in England_, p. 189. _The Englishman in Italy_--Piano di Sorrento, p. 195. _In a Gondola_, p. 205. _Waring_, p. 215. _The Twins_, p. 225. _A Light Woman_, p. 226. _The Last Ride together_, p. 229. _The Pied Piper of Hamelin; a Child's Story_, p. 234. _The Flight of the Duchess_, 246. _A Grammarian's Funeral_, p. 278. _Johannes Agricola in Meditation_, p. 284. _The Heretic's Tragedy_--A Middle-Age Interlude, p. 286. _Holy-Cross Day_, p. 291. _Protus_, p. 297. _The Statue and the Bust_, p. 299. _Porphyria's Lover_, p. 310. "_Child Roland to the Dark Tower came_," p. 312.

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