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A Handbook to the Works of Browning (6th ed.)

Between November 1868 and February 1869

Contents of Vol. V.

_A Soul's Tragedy_, p. 1. _Luria_, p. 43. _Christmas-Eve and Easter-Day_, p. 115. _Men and Women:-- "Transcendentalism; a Poem in Twelve Books_," p. 207. _How it strikes a Contemporary_, p. 209. _Artemis Prologizes_, p. 213. _An Epistle (Karshish)_, p. 218. _Johannes Agricola in Meditation_, p. 229. _Pictor Ignotus_, p. 231. _Fra Lippo Lippi_, p. 234. _Andrea del Sarto_, p. 248. _The Bishop orders his Tomb at St. Praxed's Church_, p. 257. _Bishop Blougram's Apology_, p. 262. _Cleon_, p. 299. _Rudel to the Lady of Tripoli_, p. 311. _One Word More_, p. 313.

Contents of Vol. VI.

_In a Balcony_, p. 1. _Dramatis Personae_:-- _James Lee's Wife_, p. 41. _Gold Hair; a Story of Pornic_, p. 62. _The Worst of it_, p. 70. _Dis aliter visum; or, Le Byron de nos Jours_, p. 77. _Too Late_, p. 85. _Abt Vogler_, p. 92. _Rabbi ben Ezra_, p. 99. _A Death in the Desert_, p. 110. _Caliban upon Setebos_, p. 136. _Confessions_, p. 148. _May and Death_, p. 150. _Deaf and Dumb: a group by Woolner_, p. 151 _Prospice_, p. 152. _Eurydice to Orpheus; a Picture by Leighton_, p. 153. _Youth and Art_, p. 154. _A Face_, p. 158. _A Likeness_, p. 159. _Mr. Sludge_, "_the Medium_," p. 162. _Apparent Failure_, p. 219. _Epilogue_ (Three Speakers) p. 222.

1868-9. THE RING AND THE BOOK. By Robert Browning. In four vols., 8vo. London, Smith, Elder & Co., vols. i., ii., 1868; vols. iii., iv., 1869. The volumes were issued one by one, between November 1868 and February 1869. A "second edition," four volumes, appeared 1869.

1871. HERVE RIEL. In the _Cornhill Magazine_, March, 1871, pp. 257-60. Is dated "Croisic, Sept. 30th, 1867." Reprinted in _Pacchiarotto_, &c., 1876.

1871. BALAUSTION'S ADVENTURE: INCLUDING A TRANSCRIPT FROM EURIPIDES. By Robert Browning. 8vo. London, Smith, Elder & Co., 1871. With dedication to the Countess Cowper dated July 22, 1871. A third edition appeared in 1881. _The Last Adventure of Balaustion_, in _Aristophanes' Apology_, &c., 1875, in a sequel to this work.

1871. PRINCE HOHENSTIEL-SCHWANGAU: SAVIOUR OF SOCIETY. By Robert Browning. 8vo. London, Smith, Elder & Co., 1871.

1872. FIFINE AT THE FAIR. By Robert Browning. 8vo. London, Smith, Elder & Co. 1872.

1872. SELECTIONS FROM THE POETICAL WORKS OF ROBERT BROWNING. London, Smith, Elder & Co., 1872. With a preface dated "London, May 14th, 1872." "Dedicated to Alfred Tennyson."

1872. THE POETICAL WORKS OF ROBERT BROWNING. (The Tauchnitz selection). Two vols., 8vo. Leipzig; "Collection of British Authors." As this is a "copyright edition," the selection must have been either made or sanctioned by Mr. Browning.

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