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By Georg Ebers


The Novels Of Georg Ebers

Portrait Of Georg Ebers




Homo Sum--The Recluse

In The Fire Of The Forge



A noble mind can never swim with the stream

A first impression is often a final one

A small joy makes us to forget our heavy griefs

A live dog is better than a dead king

A well-to-do man always gets a higher price than a poor one

A subdued tone generally provokes an equally subdued answer

A dirty road serves when it makes for the goal

A knot can often be untied by daylight

A school where people learned modesty

A word at the right time and place

A mere nothing in one man's life, to another may be great

A debtor, says the proverb, is half a prisoner

A kind word hath far more power than an angry one

A blustering word often does good service

Abandon to the young the things we ourselves used most to enjoy

Abandoned women (required by law to help put out the fires)

Absence of suffering is not happiness

Abuse not those who have outwitted thee

Action trod on the heels of resolve

Age is inquisitive

Age when usually even bad liquor tastes of honey

Aimless life of pleasure

Air of a professional guide

All I did was right in her eyes

All things were alike to me

Always more good things in a poor family which was once rich

Among fools one must be a fool

An admirer of the lovely color of his blue bruises

Ancient custom, to have her ears cut off

And what is great--and what is small

Apis the progeny of a virgin cow and a moonbeam

Appreciation of trifles

Ardently they desire that which transcends sense

Arrogant wave of the hand, and in an instructive tone

Art ceases when ugliness begins

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