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Illustrated Science for Boys and Girls


[Illustration: FROM DR. FRANKLIN'S BROOM-CORN SEED. See Page 223.]

Boston: D. Lothrop & Company, Franklin Street.

Copyright, 1881, By D. Lothrop & Company.


Page How Newspapers are made. 11 Umbrellas. 38 Paul and the Comb-makers. 54 In the Gas-works. 69 Racing a Thunder-storm. 86 August's "'Speriment." 103 The Birds Of Winter. 125 Something About Light-houses. 141 "Buy a Broom! Buy a Broom!" 158 Talking by Signals. 171 Jennie finds out how Dishes are made. 183 Archery For Boys. 192 Dolly's Shoes. 202 A Glimpse of some Montana Beavers. 208 How Logs go to Mill. 211


Page Frontispiece The N. Y. Tribune Building at Night. 13 A Contributor to the Waste-Paper Basket. 16 Office of the Editor-In-Chief. 17 Regular Contributors 19 How Some of the News is Gathered 22 Type-Setter's Case In Pi. 22 Type-Setters' Room. 23 Taking "Proofs." 24 In the Stereotypers' Room. 25 Finishing the Plate. 27 Printing Presses of the Past and Present 29 A News-Dealer. 32 A Bad Morning for the News-Boys. 35 "Any Answers come for Me?" 36 The First Umbrella. 37 What Jonas saw adown the Future. 38 Lord of the Twenty-Four Umbrellas. 41 A "Duck's Back" Umbrella. 43 An Umbrella Handle Au Naturel. 44 Cutting the Covers. 45 Finishing the Handle. 48 Sewing "Pudding-Bag" Seams. 49 Completing the Umbrella 50 Master Paul did not feel Happy. 51 My Lady's Toilet. 53 The New Circle Comb 55 Ancient or Modern--Which? 56 "In Some Remote Corner Of Spain." 58 A Retort. 64 Kitty in the Gas-Works. 69 The Metre. 69 The Gasometre. 75 Inflating the "Buffalo." 79 A Plucky Dog. 83 Our Balloon Camp. 85 The Professor's Dilemma. 89 The Wreck of the "Buffalo." 91 The Incubator. 94 How the Chicken is Packed. 106 How the Shell is Cracked. 107 The Artificial Mother. 109 The Chickadee. 115 The Black Snow-Bird. 118 The Snow Bunting. 121 The Brown Creeper. 122 Nuthatches. 124 The Downy Woodpecker. 126 Fourth Order Light-House. 129 A Modern Light-House 132 Light-House on Mt. Desert. 134 Light-House at "The Thimble Shoal" 138 First Class Light-Ship. 141 The Blind Broom-Maker of Barnstable. 146 A Gay Cavalcade. 147 The Comedy of Brooms. 150 Up in the Attic. 151 Plant the Broom! 153 The Tragedy of Brooms. 156 In Obedience to the Signals. 163 The Potter's Wheel. 169 The Kiln and Saggers. 170 Mould for a cup. 171 Handle Mould. 171 Making a Sugar-Bowl. 171 Rest for flat Dishes. 173 The Target. 183 Dolly's Shoes 186 A Maine Wood-Chopper. 193 A River-Driver. 196 "The Liberated Logs came sailing along." 197 Through the Sluice. 198

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