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Japan Will Turn Ablaze!

Some day it will become the National Hazira


the instruction of the Guardian, I am communicating with the American National Spiritual Assembly, to ask them to set up a program, whereby there will be the closest possible collaboration between their Asia Teaching Committee and your own Assembly. I hope this will be the means of all data reaching you very promptly.

The beloved Guardian asked me to convey to you his deep love. He appreciates and values very highly your devoted services to the Faith. He will pray at the Holy Shrines, for your guidance and confirmation. It is his hope that heavenly blessings may be with you at all times, and every obstacle in the path of your efforts to continually spread the Message in Japan may be removed, so that you may ultimately gain complete victory.

(signed by Leroy Ioas)

(July 24, 1953)

[Letter of November 26, 1953]

The Guardian is hopeful that some day it may be possible for the Baha'is of Tokyo to establish their Hazira; and of course if this were done, some day it will become the National Hazira, because when the National Spiritual Assembly is formed in Japan, Tokyo will no doubt be the seat of the National Assembly.

Shoghi Effendi feels that the time has now come when the Faith will spread rapidly in Japan. The Japanese people have great

vision and spirituality, and the difficulties of the last war have prepared many of them for the Divine Guidance. He therefore urges each and every one of you to treble your efforts, so that the Cause may grow and develop rapidly.

He sends his loving greetings to you, and assures you all of his prayers in your behalf.

(signed by Leroy Ioas)

(November 26, 1953)

[Letter of March 2, 1954]

The beloved Guardian sends his loving greetings to each and every one of the friends in Japan. He greatly values their devotion and sacrifice for the Faith, and the noble manner in which they are arising to spread the Teachings in that land.

He feels the future of Japan is very great. The hearts and minds of the Japanese people are awakened; and if the teaching work is carried on very actively and audaciously, many souls will be attracted by the Divine Fragrances.

The beloved Guardian is so confident that the Faith will spread rapidly in Japan, and the believers will firmly establish the institutions of the Cause, that he has chosen to send to them for ultimate display in their National Haziratu'l-Quds in Tokyo one of the very precious relics from the Shrine of Baha'u'llah. He has entrusted with our dear brother, Hiroyasu Takano, a very precious brocade, which has rested immediately over the remains of Baha'u'llah in His glorious Shrine. It is very precious and very sacred.

The Guardian is sending this to the Spiritual Assembly of Tokyo as a gift. The friends may wish to have it carefully and beautifully framed for display in the Hazira, when it is acquired. Ultimately of course it is to be hung in the Hazira of the National Assembly, when that great goal has been achieved by the Japanese believers.

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