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Jack Sheppard by William Harrison Ainsworth

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English Library



BY W. Harrison Ainsworth

Internationale Bibliothek G M B H Berlin


"Upon my word, friend," said I, "you have almost made me long to try what a robber I should make." "There is a great art in it, if you did," quoth he. "Ah! but," said I, "there's a great deal in being hanged."

_Life and Actions of Guzman d'Alfarache._

Printed In Germany



CHAPTER I. The Widow and her Child 1 II. The Old Mint 13 III. The Master of the Mint 28 IV. The Roof and the Window 34 V. The Denunciation 42 VI. The Storm 51 VII. Old London Bridge 63


CHAPTER I. The Idle Apprentice 75 II. Thames Darrell 88 III. The Jacobite 95 IV. Mr. Kneebone and his Friends 99 V. Hawk and Buzzard 103 VI. The first Step towards the Ladder 119 VII. Brother and Sister 131 VIII. Miching Mallecho 135 IX. Consequences of the Theft 147 X. Mother and Son 154 XI. The Mohocks 160 XII. Saint Giles's Round-house 167 XIII. The Magdalene 177 XIV. The Flash Ken 191 XV. The Robbery in Willesden Church 198 XVI. Jonathan Wild's House in the Old 201 Bailey XVII. The Night-Cellar 211 XVIII. How Jack Sheppard broke out of 218 the Cage at Willesden XIX. Good and Evil 224


CHAPTER I. The Return 231 II. The Burglary at Dollis Hill 249 III. Jack Sheppard's Quarrel with 254 Jonathan Wild IV. Jack Sheppard's Escape from the 258 New Prison V. The Disguise 261 VI. Winifred receives two Proposals 278 VII. Jack Sheppard warns Thames 284 Darrell VIII. Old Bedlam 291 IX. Old Newgate 302 X. How Jack Sheppard got out of the 310 Condemned Hold XI. Dollis Hill revisited 324 XII. The Well Hole 336 XIII. The Supper at Mr. Kneebone's 346 XIV. How Jack Sheppard was again 367 captured XV. How Blueskin underwent the Peine 377 Forte et Dure XVI. How Jack Sheppard's Portrait was 385 painted XVII. The Iron Bar 397 XVIII. The Bed Room 400 XIX. The Chapel 401 XX. The Leads 405 XXI. What befell Jack Sheppard in the 408 Turner's House XXII. Fast and Loose 415 XXIII. The last Meeting between Jack 419 Sheppard and his Mother XXIV. The Pursuit 425 XXV. How Jack Sheppard got rid of his 429 Irons XXVI. How Jack Sheppard attended his 435 Mother's Funeral XXVII. How Jack Sheppard was brought 441 back to Newgate XXVIII. What happened at Dollis Hill 449 XXIX. How Jack Sheppard was taken to 454 Westminster Hall XXX. How Jonathan Wild's House was 458 burnt down XXXI. The Procession to Tyburn 462 XXXII. The Closing Scene 472

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