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The Kama Sutra of Vatsyayana by Vatsyayana

And this is called Auparishtaka


acts to be done by the man are:

Moving forward. Friction or churning. Piercing. Rubbing. Pressing. Giving a blow. The blow of a boar. The blow of a bull. The sporting of a sparrow.

(1). When the organs are brought together properly and directly it is called "moving the organ forward."

(2). When the lingam is held with the hand, and turned all round in the yoni, it is called "churning."

(3). When the yoni is lowered, and the upper part of it is struck with the lingam, it is called "piercing."

(4). When the same thing is done on the lower part of the yoni, it is called "rubbing."

(5). When the yoni is pressed by the lingam for a long time, it is called "pressing."

(6). When the lingam is removed to some distance from the yoni, and then forcibly strikes it, it is called "giving a blow."

(7). When only one part of the yoni is rubbed with the lingam, it is called the "blow of a boar."

(8). When both sides of the yoni are rubbed in this way, it is called the "blow of a bull."

(9). When the lingam is in the yoni, and moved up and down frequently, and without being taken out, it is called the "sporting of a sparrow."

This takes place at the end of congress.

When a woman acts the part of a man, she has the following things to do in addition to the nine given above, viz.

The pair of tongs. The top. The swing.

(1). When the woman holds the lingam in her yoni, draws it in, presses it, and keeps it thus in her for a long time, it is called the "pair of tongs."

(2). When, while engaged in congress, she turns round like a wheel, it is called the "top." This is learnt by practice only.

(3). When, on such an occasion, the man lifts up the middle part of his body, and the woman turns round her middle part, it is called the "swing."

When the woman is tired, she should place her forehead on that of her lover, and should thus take rest without disturbing the union of the organs, and when the woman has rested herself the man should turn round and begin the congress again.

There are also some verses on the subject as follows:

"Though a woman is reserved, and keeps her feelings concealed, yet when she gets on the top of a man, she then shows all her love and desire. A man should gather from the actions of the woman of what disposition she is, and in what way she likes to be enjoyed. A woman during her monthly courses, a woman who has been lately confined, and a fat woman should not be made to act the part of a man."



There are two kinds of eunuchs, those that are disguised as males, and those that are disguised as females. Eunuchs disguised as females imitate their dress, speech, gestures, tenderness, timidity, simplicity, softness and bashfulness. The acts that are done on the jaghana or middle parts of women, are done in the mouths of these eunuchs, and this is called Auparishtaka. These eunuchs derive their imaginable pleasure, and their livelihood from this kind of congress, and they lead the life of courtezans. So much concerning eunuchs disguised as females.

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