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Kankanay Ceremonies by C. R. Moss

University of California Publications In American Archaeology and Ethnology

Vol. 15, No. 4, pp. 343-384 October 29, 1920



University of California Press Berkeley


Introduction Territory of the Kankanay Personal appearance and traits Industrial life Custom law Comparative culture

Ceremonial system General comparison with the Nabaloi Spirits and deities Purpose Priesthood Divination Spoken ritual Dancing and songs Omens and taboo Comparative Nabaloi and southern Kankanay ceremonies Lepanto Kankanay ceremonies

Particular ceremonies Bindian Pasang Mandit Abasang Dawak and Basit Sibisib Batbat Gaysing Kapi Galon Amlag Mangilin Lawit Mansiyanun Tingiting Siling Palis Pugas Buang Kiad Mayilutlutkan Kosde Palis chi Kabunian Bugid Mantuis Bilig Pungau Bilong Bugak Maydosadan Saldi Manbating Bilig Liblibian Dagas Ampasit Laglagiwin Dayau Tanong Tamo Sagausau

Myths Origin of the big and little thunder Origin of thunder and lightning The mountain Kabunian The origin of man



Since the Kankanay have been studied very little, the exact extent of their culture area is not at present certain.

The Igorot of northern Benguet, and almost all of the people living in Amburayan and southern Lepanto, speak the same dialect, have similar customs, and call themselves by the same name, "Kakanay" or "Kankanay." The people of this group have no important cultural features by which to distinguish them from the Nabaloi, and linguistics is the only basis on which they may be classed as a separate unity.

The inhabitants of northern Lepanto call themselves "Katangnang," speak a variation of the dialect spoken in the southern part of the sub-province, and have some customs, such as communal sleeping houses for unmarried boys and girls, which are more similar to certain customs of the Bontoc than to any found among the southern Igorot.

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