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King Arthur and His Knights by Maude L. Radford

[Illustration: King Arthur and His Knights]

[Illustration: _King Arthur and his Knights of the Round Table_]


By Maude L. Radford

Illustrated by Walter J. Enright

[Illustration: The Holy Grail]

Rand, M^cNally & Company CHICAGO . NEW YORK . LONDON

_Copyright_, 1903, By MAUDE L. RADFORD

[Illustration] TABLE OF CONTENTS

PAGE _A List of Illustrations_ 8

How Arthur Became King 11

The Good Sword Excalibur 29

The Great Feast and What Followed 35

Arthur's Court and the Order of the Round Table 49

King Arthur and the Princess Guinevere 64

The Coming of Gareth 73

The Story of Sir Gareth and Lynette 85

Sir Ivaine 99

Sir Balin 120

Sir Geraint and Enid 131

Arthur and Sir Accalon 142

How Arthur Fought with a Giant 153

How Arthur Fought with Rome 160

The Knight with the Badly Made Coat 171

Sir Lancelot and Sir Brune 177

The Adventure of King Pellenore 193

Sir Lancelot and His Friends 199

How Sir Lancelot Saved the Queen 213

Sir Lancelot and Elaine 226

The Search for the Holy Grail 243

The Death of Arthur 260



_King Arthur and his Knights of the Round Table_ Frontispiece

_"All about him old oaks stood like giant guardians"_ 10

_"He hardly more than touched the sword"_ 25

_Arthur and the Lady of the Lake_ 31

_King Bors and King Ban_ 41

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