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A Librarian's Open Shelf by Arthur E. Bostwick

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The papers here gathered together represent the activities of a librarian in directions outside the boundaries of his professional career, although the influences of it may be detected in them here and there. Except for those influences they have little connection and the transition of thought and treatment from one to another may occasionally seem violent. It may, however, serve to protect the reader from the assaults of monotony.



DO READERS READ? (_The Critic_, July, 1901, p. 67-70)

WHAT MAKES PEOPLE READ? (_The Book Lover_, January, 1904, p. 12-16)

THE PASSING OF THE POSSESSIVE; A STUDY OF BOOK TITLES (_The Book Buyer_, June, 1897, p. 500-1)

SELECTIVE EDUCATION (_Educational Review_, November, 1907, p. 365-73)

THE USES OF FICTION Read before the American Library Association, Asheville Conference, May 28, 1907. (_A.L.A. Bulletin_, July, 1907, p. 183-7)

THE VALUE OF ASSOCIATION Delivered before the Library Associations of Iowa, Nebraska, Kansas, Missouri, Indiana and Ohio, October 9-18, 1907. (_Library Journal_, January, 1908, p. 3-9)

MODERN EDUCATIONAL METHODS (_Notes and News_, Montclair, N.J., July, 1908)

SOME ECONOMIC FEATURES OF LIBRARIES Read at the opening of the Chestnut Hill Branch, Philadelphia Free Library, January 22, 1909. (_Library Journal_, February, 1909, p. 48-52)

SIMON NEWCOMB: AMERICA'S FOREMOST ASTRONOMER (_Review of Reviews_, August, 1909, p. 171-4)

THE COMPANIONSHIP OF BOOKS Read before the Pacific Northwest Library Association, June, 1910. (_P.N.W.L.A. Proceedings_, 1910, p. 8-23)

ATOMIC THEORIES OF ENERGY Read before the St. Louis Academy of Science. (_The Monist_, October, 1912, p. 580-5)

THE ADVERTISEMENT OF IDEAS (_Minnesota Library Notes and News_, December, 1912, p. 190-7)

THE PUBLIC LIBRARY, THE PUBLIC SCHOOL, AND THE SOCIAL CENTER MOVEMENT Read before the National Education Association. (_N.E.A. Proceedings_, 1912, p. 240-5)

THE SYSTEMATIZATION OF VIOLENCE (_St. Louis Mirror_, July 18, 1913)


HISTORY AND HEREDITY Read before the New England Society of St. Louis. (_New England Society of St. Louis_. _Proceedings_, 29th year, p. 13-20)

WHAT THE FLAG STANDS FOR A Flag Day address in St. Peter's church, St. Louis. (_St. Louis Republic_, June 15, 1914)

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