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Lavengro by George Henry Borrow

Went about the land uttering its damnation cry


it did raise its head, and, though it spoke with some little fear at first, soon discarded every relic of it; went about the land uttering its damnation cry, gathering around it--and for doing so many thanks to it--the favourers of priestcraft who lurked within the walls of the Church of England; frightening with the loudness of its voice the weak, the timid, and the ailing; perpetrating, whenever it had an opportunity, that species of crime to which it has ever been most partial--_Deathbed robbery_; for as it is cruel, so is it dastardly. Yes, it went on enlisting, plundering, and uttering its terrible threats till--till it became, as it always does when left to itself, a fool, a very fool. Its plunderings might have been overlooked, and so might its insolence, had it been common insolence, but it--, and then the roar of indignation which arose from outraged England against the viper, the frozen viper, which it had permitted to warm itself upon its bosom.

But thanks, Popery, you have done all that the friends of enlightenment and religious liberty could wish; but if ever there were a set of foolish ones to be found under heaven, surely it is the priestly rabble who came over from Rome to direct the grand movement--so long in its getting up.

But now again the damnation cry is withdrawn, there is a subdued meekness in your demeanour, you are now once more harmless as a lamb. Well, we shall see how the trick--'the

old trick'--will serve you.


CHAPTER ONE Birth--My father--Tamerlane--Ben Brain--French 1-9 Protestants--East Anglia--Sorrow and troubles--True peace--A beautiful child--Foreign grave--Mirrors--The Alpine country--Emblems--Slowness of speech--The Jew--Some strange gestures CHAPTER TWO Barracks and lodgings--A camp--The viper--A delicate 10-16 child--Blackberry time--_Meum_ and _tuum_--Hythe--The Golgotha--Daneman's skull--Superhuman stature--Stirring times--The sea-bord CHAPTER THREE Pretty D-----The venerable church--The stricken 17-26 heart--Dormant energies--The small packet--Nerves--The books--A picture--Mountain-like billows--The footprint--Spirit of De Foe--Reasoning powers--Terrors of God--Heads of the dragons--High-Church clerk--A journey--My father recalled to his regiment--The drowned country CHAPTER FOUR Norman Cross--Wide expanse--_Vive l'Empereur_--Unpruned 27-34 woods--Man with the bag--Froth and conceit--I beg your pardon--Growing timid--About three o'clock--Taking one's ease--Cheek on the ground--King of the vipers--Frenchmen and water CHAPTER FIVE The tent--Man and woman--Dark and swarthy--Manner of 35-45 speaking--Bad money--Transfixed--Faltering tone--Little basket--High opinion--Plenty of good--Keeping guard--Tilted cart--Rubricals--Jasper--The right sort--The horseman--John Newton--The alarm--Gentle brothers CHAPTER SIX Three years--Lilly's grammar--Proficiency--Ignorant of 46-53 figures--The school bell--Order of succession--Persecution--What are we to do?--Northward--A goodly scene--Haunted

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