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A Little Catechism by John Mason

Produced by Anna C. Haugen, Frank van Drogen and PG Distributed Proofreaders








Little Children.

* * * * *


Printed for John Lawrence at the _Angel_ in the _Poultrey_, 1692.

* * * * *

_A Catalogue of Books_, &c. Husband Mr. _Joseph Rowlandson_, &c.

Remarks on the Affairs of Trade of _England_ and _Ireland_, &c.

_Officium Cleri Desiderium Populi_, or Canonical Obedience asserted and proved to be the Duty of Gospel Ministers, and the Desire of all good Hearers.

_Books in_ Octavo.

The Catechizing of Families, a Teacher of Householders how to teach their Households; useful also to School-masters and Tutors of Youth.

Scripture Gospel defended, and Christ, Grace, and free Justification vindicated against the Libertines, in two Books. The first a Breviate of Fifty Controversies. Second upon the re-printing of Dr. _Crisp's_ Sermon.

Full and Easy Satisfaction, which is the true Religion, in a Conference between a Doubter, a Papist, and a Reformed Catholic Christian.

A Key for Catholics to open the jugling of the Jesuits, containing some Arguments by which the meanest may see the Vanity of Popery, &c.



For Little Children to Learn.

Question. _Who made you?_

_Answer._ GOD.

Quest. _Who Redeemed you?_

_Answ._ Jesus Christ.

Quest. _Who Sanctifieth and preserves you?_

_Answ._ The Holy Ghost.

Quest. _Wherefore did God make you?_

_Answ._ To Serve him.

Quest. _How must he be served?_

_Answ._ In Spirit and in Truth.

Quest. _What is it to serve God?_

_Answ._ To keep his Commandements.

Quest. _How many Commandments be there?_

_Answ._ Ten.

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