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Lotus Buds by Amy Carmichael



[Illustration: The Great Rock. (_Page 338._)]




Keswick Missionary C.E.Z.M.S.

Author of "Things As They Are"; "Overweights of Joy"; "The Beginning of a Story," Etc.

With Fifty Half-Tone Illustrations from Photos Specially Taken for This Work

Morgan and Scott Ld. 12 Paternoster Buildings London MCMXII

Copyright, Morgan & Scott Ld., 1909

First Edition, _Quarto_ (_Fifty Photogravure Illustrations_) 2,000 _Nov., 1909_ Edition De Luxe (_Fifty Photogravures on Japon Vellum_) 250 _Nov., 1909_ Octavo Edition (_Fifty Half-tone Engravings_) 5,250 _July, 1912_



_Christmas, 1909._

Each for himself, we live our lives apart, Heirs of an age that turns us all to stone; Yet ever Nature, thrust from out the heart, Comes back to claim her own.

Still we have something left of that fair seed God gave for birthright; still the sound of tears Hurts us, and children in their helpless need Still call to listening ears.

OWEN SEAMAN. _From_ "In a Good Cause."


_WHEN first "Things as they are" trod the untrodden way, it walked as a small child walks when for the first time it ventures forth upon young, uncertain feet. It has to walk; it does not know why: it only knows there is no choice about it. But there is an eager looking for an outstretched hand, and an instant gratefulness always, for even a finger. A whole hand given without reserve is something never forgotten._

_It was only a child after all, and it had not anticipated having to find its way alone among strangers. It had thought of nothing further than a very short walk among familiar faces. If it had understood beforehand how far it would have to walk, I doubt if it would have had the courage to start; for it was not naturally brave. But once on its way it could not turn back; and thanks to those kindly outstretched hands, it grew a little less afraid, and it went on._

_Then another small wayfarer followed. It also was very easily discouraged; an unfriendly push would have knocked it over at once. But nobody seemed to want to push so unpretentious a thing, so it gained courage and went on._

_And now a more grown-up looking traveller (though indeed its looks belie it) has started on its way; more diffident, if the truth must be told, than even its predecessors. For it thought within itself--Perhaps there will be no welcoming hands held out this time; hands may grow tired of such kind offices. But it has not been so. And now the sense of gratefulness cannot longer be repressed._

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