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A Letter to a Gentleman in the Country, from His F

A LETTER TO A Gentleman in the Country, FROM His Friend in LONDON: Giving an Authentick and circumstantial Account of the Confinement, Behaviour, and Death of ADMIRAL BYNG, As attested by the Gentlemen who were present.

_Mens conscia Recti._


Printed for and sold by J. LACY, the Corner of St. Martin's-Court, St. Martin's-Lane, near Leicester-Fields. MDCCLVII.

[Price One Shilling.]

_Just published, and sold by_ J. Lacy, _at the Corner of_ St. Martin's-Court, St. Martin's-Lane, _near_ Leicester-Fields.

I. Further Particulars in Relation to the Case of Admiral Byng, from original Papers, by a Gentleman of Oxford. Price one Shilling.

II. A Collection of several Pamphlets very little known: Some suppressed Letters, and sundry detached Pieces, relative to the Case of Admiral Byng. Price one Shilling and Six-pence.

III. A further Address to the Publick; containing genuine Copies of all the Letters which passed between Admiral Byng and the S------y of the Ad----ty, from the Time of his Suspension to the 25th of October last. Price one Shilling.

IV. The whole and genuine Trial of Admiral Byng, two Volumes Octavo. N. B. For the better understanding of which, five curious Prints are added, which exhibit the different Positions of both Fleets, before, at, and after the Engagement. Price five Shillings.

V. Admiral Byng's Defence as presented by him, and read in the Court Martial, on Board his Majesty's Ship St. George in Portsmouth-Harbour, January, 18. 1757. Price Six-pence.

N. B. Most Money for any Library or Parcel of Books; Books elegantly bound; and Gentlemen's Libraries gilt, or lettered, methodiz'd, and Catalogues written either in Town or Country.

A LETTER TO A Gentleman in the Country, FROM His Friend in LONDON, _&c._


Agreeable to your request, I have taken great pains to collect all the particulars, relating to the behaviour and death of the unfortunate ADMIRAL BYNG.

You know me sufficiently, to be satisfied that I have never had any biass in his favour, or against him. But as the whole affair has been laid before the publick, sufficiently plain for every man of common sense, not prejudiced, to understand it; excepting some _inexplicable_ Circumstances relating to the _Court Martial_; I may be allowed to judge for myself, and yield to truths which I think can admit of no farther controversy.

It is true, there are yet _sophisters_, who want to _impose_ upon us; but I think their designs are easily seen through. It is impossible that any impartial man should fail to observe the almost incredible pains taken to misrepresent and blacken his publick and private character. Even now, after he has paid the forfeit of his _life_, for _crimes_, at most, only _disputably so_, there are a great number of emissaries, who seem to make it their business to go from one coffee-house to another, spreading the most scandalous reports with regard to his death. _Dying Speeches_, containing the most _infamous absurdities_, have been imposed upon the publick, with several booksellers names prefixed in the title-page, in order to give them the air of authenticity.

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