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A Little Book of Old Time Verse Old Fashioned Flowers

Produced by Al Haines

[Illustration: Front cover]

A Little Book of

Old Time Verse

Old-fashioned Flowers

Gathered by

Gladys Sidney Crouch

Published by

P. F. Volland Company


Copyright, 1917

P. F. Volland Company


_To My Father_

That the verses in this little book will bring back sweet memories of the long ago to every reader, as they do to me, is the earnest wish of the humble gatherer of these old-fashioned flowers. _G. S. C._


_Sir Edward Dyer_. (Born 1550--Died 1607.) To Phyllis, the Fair Shepherdess

_Sir Philip Sidney_. (Born 1554--Died 1586.) A Ditty

_John Lyly_. (Born 1554--Died 1606.) Appelles' Song

_Thomas Lodge_. (Born 1556--Died 1625.) Love's Wantonness

_Thomas Campion_. (Born (unknown)--Died 1619.) Thrice toss these oaken ashes in the air Come, O come, my life's delight

_Robert Green_. (Born 1560--Died 1592.) Content

_Christopher Marlowe_. (Born 1562--Died 1593.) The Passionate Shepherd to His Love

_William Shakespeare_. (Born 1564--Died 1616.) O Mistress Mine, Where are you Roaming

_Ben Jonson_. (Born 1573--Died 1637.) To Celia

_John Donne_. (Born 1573--Died 1631.) Song

_Francis Beaumont_. (Born 1584--Died 1610.) Fie on Love

_George Wither_. (Born 1588--Died 1667.) The Author's Resolution in a Sonnet

_Thomas Carew_. (Born 1589--Died 1639.) Song A Fragment Truce in Love Entreated Phillida Flouts Me

_Robert Herrick_. (Born 1591--Died 1674.) A Hymn to Love To Anthea To Daffodils To Electra To his Mistress To his Mistress, Objecting to his Neither Toying nor Talking To the Virgins, to make much of Time

_Henry King_. (Born 1592--Died 1669.) On the Life of Man

_Thomas Bateson_. (Born 1600--Died (no record).) Her hair the net of golden wire

_Sir William D'Avenant_. (Born 1605--Died 1668.) The Lark now Leaves his Watr'y Nest

_Edmund Waller_. (Born 1605--Died 1687.) Song: Go Lovely Rose Song to Flavia

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