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A Missionary Twig by Emma L. Burnett




[Illustration: A Missionary Twig. FRONTISPIECE.]

[Illustration: Editor's arm]

American Tract Society, 150 Nassau Street, New York.

Copyright, 1890, American Tract Society.


CHAPTER I. Edith Tries to Explain 5

CHAPTER II. What Mrs. Howell told them 14

CHAPTER III. Marty Gets Started 21

CHAPTER IV. Wholes instead of Tenths 29

CHAPTER V. The Ebony Chair 39

CHAPTER VI. The Empty Box 46

CHAPTER VII. How Missions Helped the Home Folks 54

CHAPTER VIII. "Not in the Good Times" 61

CHAPTER IX. Jennie 72

CHAPTER X. Laura Amelia 82

CHAPTER XI. The Good Shepherd 91

CHAPTER XII. "Now Don't Forget!" 99

CHAPTER XIII. Off to the Mountains 108

CHAPTER XIV. A Plan and a Talk 115

CHAPTER XV. The Mountain Mission-Band 126

CHAPTER XVI. A Flower Sale 135

CHAPTER XVII. Weeding 144

CHAPTER XVIII. The Hotel Missionary Meeting 156

CHAPTER XIX. The Garden Missionary Meeting 166

CHAPTER XX. Cousin Alice's Zenana Work 177

CHAPTER XXI. Rosa Stevenson's Sister 189




"I do think Edith is the queerest girl I ever saw in all my life!" said Marty Ashford.

"Don't jump up and down behind my chair that way, Marty," said her mother; "you shake me so that I can scarcely hold my needle. What does Edith do that is so queer?"

"Oh, she's always putting ten into things."

"Putting ten into things?"

"Yes'm. I mean when she gets any money she always says ten will go into it so many times, and then she takes a tenth of it--you know we learn about tenths in fractions at school--and goes and puts it in a blue box she has."

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