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A Middle High German Primer by Joseph Wright

This file is intended for users whose text readers cannot open the "real" (UTF-8, Unicode) version of the file, even after making the character substitutions suggested in that version.

This document can be used as-is, but it will be much more readable if you open it in a word processor or text editor and make as many as possible of the listed changes. The object is to reconstruct the real file in a form that your own computer or text reader can handle. When making changes, be sure to include the period after "Sec." and the brackets surrounding all letters or letter groups.

Sec. section symbol, or use pilcrow (paragraph symbol) Secs. two section symbols

[ae] ae ligature [oe] oe ligature

[a] a with macron (overline, "long" mark) If macron is unavailable, use a-circumflex instead [e] [i] [o] [u] (same for e, i, o, u) [a:] [e:] [o:] [u:] a, e, o, u with umlaut ['a] ['e] a, e with acute accent [e.] e with dot under, used in reading selections If you have nothing suitable, replace with plain e [i.] same as above; rare

[z] z with hook at end of bottom line [zz] two of these z's (often used in pairs) If this character is unavailable, try z with cedilla. As a last resort, replace with plain "z" after reading Sec. 19 carefully.

[A] [E] [I] [O] [U] [U:] (capital letters as above; rare)

A few additional characters are used mainly in the historical introduction, along with two or three Greek words, here transliterated and shown between +marks+. They can be disregarded.

[)a] [)e] [)i] [)o] a, e, i, o with both macron and breve ("long" and "short" mark) [-u:] u-umlaut with macron [-ae] ae ligature with macron [th] thorn [dh] edh [bh] b with line through stem [zh] ezh [ch] Greek letter chi [ng] eng ("n" with curve below line)

Italics are marked with _lines_. Boldface type is shown with {braces}. Boldface markings have generally been omitted from tables to aid readability.

Punctuation in the Glossary has been silently regularized. Other typographical errors are listed at the end of the text.]

* * * * * * * * * * * * * *



with Grammar, Notes, And Glossary

by JOSEPH WRIGHT M.A., Ph.D., D.C.L., LL.D., Litt.D.

Fellow of the British Academy Corpus Christi Professor of Comparative Philology in the University of Oxford

THIRD EDITION Re-Written And Enlarged



London Edinburgh Glasgow New York Toronto Melbourne Bombay

HUMPHREY MILFORD Publisher to the University

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