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Northern Nut Growers Association Report of the Pro

Carya cordiformis X Carya ovata

* * * * *

List of Nuts exhibited before the Northern Nut Growers Association September 7-8-9, 1922 at Rochester, N. Y., by Park Department.

Black Walnut, Juglans nigra, United States. English Walnut, Juglans Regia, Europe and China. Western Walnut, Juglans major, Western States. Hybrid Walnut from Washington, D. C, supposed hybrid between Juglans rupestris and Juglans nigra. Butternut, Juglans cinerea, North America. Siebold's Butternut, Juglans Sieboldiana, Japan. Juglans cathayensis, China. Juglans coarctata, Japan. Winged Chinese Walnut, Pterocarya stenoptera, China. Winged Caucasian Walnut, Pterocarya fraxinifolia, West Asia. King-Nut, Carya laciniosa, United States. Shagbark, Carya ovata, North America. Carya ovata ellipsoidalis, United States. Ash-leaved Hickory, Carya ovata fraxinifolia, United States. False Shagbark, Carya ovalis, United States. Small Fruited Hickory, Carya ovalis odorata, North America. Carya ovalis obovalis, North America. Carya ovalis obcordata, United States. Pignut, Carya glabra, North America. Large Pignut, Carya glabra megacarpa, United States. Bitternut, Carya cordiformis, North America. Hybrid Hickory, X Carya Laneyi, Carya cordiformis X Carya ovata. Hybrid Hickory, X Carya Dunbarii, Carya laciniosa X Carya ovata. Beaked Hazel, Corylus rostrata, North America. American

Hazel, Corylus americana, North America. European Hazel, Corylus Avellana, Eastern Hemisphere. Constantinople Hazel, Corylus Colurna, South Europe. Manchurian Hazel, Corylus mandshurica, Manchuria. Sweet Chestnut, Castanea dentata, United States. European Chestnut, Castanea sativa, Europe to China. Japanese Chestnut, Castanea crenata, Japan, China. Chinquapin, Castanea pumila, United States.

By the McGlennon-Vollertsen Filbert Nursery, twenty or more plates, of about a quart each, of named varieties of the European filbert grown in these Rochester nurseries, a very striking exhibit in demonstration of the commercial possibilities of this nut. By E. L. Wyckoff, Aurora, N. Y., a cluster of Indiana pecans, grown on a grafted tree at Aurora, of good size, apparently, other qualities not determined. A cluster of two small pecans grown on the great pecan tree in Hartford, Ct. One of these nuts was matured and filled. Brought by W. C. Deming who showed also chinkapins grown in Hartford and Redding, Conn. two strains of the Van Fleet hybrid chinkapins, Chinese chestnuts, C. mollissima, Japanese chestnuts, clusters of Kirtland and Griffin shagbarks from grafted trees, Ridenhauer almonds and several varieties of European and American filberts, all grown in Redding, Ct. filberts from the large trees at Bethel, Ct. and the large Sayre English walnut from Danbury, Ct. Illinois wild almonds were exhibited by Henry D. Spencer of Decatur, Ills. These have a fleshy covering like a thin peach. Mr. P. H. O'Connor showed specimens of the O'Connor hybrid walnut, J. regia X. J. nigra, and the Indiana hazel. Mr. A. C. Pomeroy had an exhibit of the Pomeroy English walnut. There were a number of other exhibits which have escaped record.

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