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A New Subspecies of Lizard, Cnemidophorus sacki, f

~University of Kansas Publications~

~Museum of Natural History~

Vol. 10, No. 9, pp. 587-598, 2 figs.

May 2, 1960

A New Subspecies of Lizard, Cnemidophorus sacki, from Michoacan, Mexico



~University of Kansas~ ~Lawrence~ 1960

~University of Kansas Publications, Museum of Natural History~

Editors: E. Raymond Hall, Chairman, Henry S. Fitch, Robert W. Wilson

Volume 10, No. 9, pp. 587-598, 2 figs. Published May 2, 1960

~University of Kansas~ Lawrence, Kansas



A New Subspecies of Lizard, Cnemidophorus sacki, from Michoacan, Mexico



The systematic status of the populations of lizards assignable to _Cnemidophorus sacki_ in western Mexico (Sonora southward to Jalisco) has been reviewed in detail by Zweifel (1959, Bull. Amer. Mus. Nat. Hist, 117 (2):57-116), who stated that the use of the specific name _sacki_ for the western populations rests upon a reasonable, but as yet unproved, assumption that intergradation occurs. Although Zweifel examined specimens of the nominal subspecies from the upper Balsas Basin, he did not study specimens from the intervening area--the Tepalcatepec Valley in Michoacan.

Field studies and the examination of large series of preserved specimens of _Cnemidophorus_ from the Tepalcatepec Valley show the presence of _Cnemidophorus sacki_ in the region between the ranges of _C. sacki sacki_ in the upper Balsas Basin and _C. sacki occidentalis_ in Jalisco and southern Nayarit. Furthermore, the populations of _sacki_ inhabiting the Tepalcatepec Valley have characters of scutellation and coloration that distinguish them from other described subspecies of _sacki_. In recognition of the important contributions to the systematics of the genus _Cnemidophorus_ made by Dr. Richard G. Zweifel, I propose that the subspecies of _Cnemidophorus sacki_ in the Tepalcatepec Valley be named as follows:

+Cnemidophorus sacki zweifeli+ new subspecies

_Holotype._--University of Michigan Museum of Zoology No. 119542, from Capirio, Michoacan, Mexico (185 meters), an adult male, one of a series collected on June 13, 1958, by William E. Duellman, Jerome B. Tulecke, and John Wellman. Original number WED 12310.

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