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A New History of Blue Beard by Gaffer Black Beard




For the Amusement of Little LACK BEARD, and his PRETTY SISTERS.

Adorned with Cuts.

From Sidney's Press, NEW-HAVEN.


A New History of BLUE BEARD.


Once upon a time there lived, a great way off, an old man who had two daughters, the name of the eldest was Fatima, the youngest Irene. Irene was a very pretty girl, but Fatima was beauty itself; and so very good besides, that every body loved her: you may see her introduced to a gentleman, to whom she was going to be married, her father having given his consent, had not the fame of her beauty reached the ears of a very great man, I should have said tyrant, for he was a very cruel over-bearing nobleman, and had been married to several ladies, of whom nobody knew what was become: but as he was very rich, and lived in a grand castle, of which I here present you with the drawing; he some how or other, was never long without a wife. This nobleman, whose name was Abomelique, but generally called Blue Beard, on account of his beard being of that color, being determined to see her, under a pretence of business paid the father of Fatima a visit. Poor Fatima! she little thought the great Abomelique was come to her father's cottage on her account; but so it was, he came attended like a king, (you may see him in the picture) the father of Fatima standing at the door to receive him; as soon as he entered the house the old man entertained him in the best manner he could, and ordered his two daughters to dress themselves in their best, and wait upon him; who, being good girls, soon did as they were bid; no sooner did Blue Beard see Fatima than he fell violently in love with her. I should not say love, for it was that kind of love a wolf has for a pretty innocent lamb; so without any more ado, he told her father the reason of his coming, offering to make her his wife; and that himself, and his other daughter, should go and live with him at the Castle.



The father was quite delighted with the offer, especially as Blue Beard told him he should be the master of all his slaves, and next himself in power. Irene too tho't she should like it vastly; "what a fine thing," said she to herself, "it will be to have fine rooms to walk in when the weather is bad, and gardens to range in when the weather is fine; well, I almost wish he had fallen in love with me, for I don't think the great Abomelique would be so ugly, if it was not for his monstrous great Blue Beard;" Such was the thought of Irene. As to poor Fatima she fainted away, which frightened Blue Beard, who would have been glad to have found her agreeable to his wishes, however with much ado they brought her to herself when Blue Beard left her, promising to come the next day, and fetch her in state to the Castle: after he was gone nothing ran in the father's head but how he should enjoy himself at the Castle. As to Irene, she could not help pitying her sister, who was in a sad taking.


Fatima had a real love for Selim, to whom her father had promised

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