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Oh! Susannah! by Mark Ambient

Produced by David Widger


By Mark Ambient

Produced at the Eden Theatre, Brighton, on September 6th, 1897, afterwards played at the Royalty Theatre, London.

Scene:-Doctor's Consulting Room, 13 Marmalade St., Pimlico.

Time:-Lady Day, 4 p. m. to 6 p. m. The action is continuous throughout the 3 Acts.

Time of representation.

Act I. 53 minutes.

Act II. 32 minutes. (One hour and three quarters.)

Act III. 20 minutes.


On bureau. Whiskey decanter, water, glasses.

Below bureau. Pail with water and house flannel.

In med. chest. Small bottles of coloured water, medicine-glass and roll of lint.

On steps Feather brush.

On ped. cupboard. Case of surgical knives.

On doctor's table. Microscope, test tubes, phials, double stethoscope, eye-glass, stationery cabinet with note-paper, pen, pencil, calendar, Bradshaw, blotter, scribbling block, hand bell, ash-tray with cigarette ends and matches.

In mirror. Invitation cards (Sir Peter-Mrs. O'Hara).

On sofa. Cushions.

Off stage. Front door bell.


Doctor. Act 1. Gladstone bag packed with books, papers and one collar. Photo of Flo in pocket.

Act 2. Aunt's letter, also Flo's photo and coppers.

Andrew. Act 3. Pipe and baccy.

Waverly. Act 1. Detective camera in form of turnip watch.

Act 2. Walking stick (for Pearl's Bus.)

Plant. Act 1. Pocket hair brush-mirror at back.

Act 3. Small black bag-deed inside.

Tupper. Act 1. Crumpled telegram in pocket. Landlady's account book.

Flo. Act 2. Two bags and two parcels.

Act 3. Bundle of aunt's clothes (wet).

Ruby. Act 1. Andrew's letter.

Act 2. Visiting card.

Pearl. Act 2. Sporting Times.

Act 3. Pearl necklace in case.

Aurora. Act 1. Six letters in blue envelopes, pair of paste hair combs (in pocket), duster, tea-things, grotesquely big brown earthenware tea-pot, milk, sugar, cups and saucers, stale quartern loaf, knife and butter.

Act 2. Lady's letter-thick paper, gold crest.

Act 3. Telegram.


Doctor. Act 1. Frock coat and high hat.

Act 2. Changes to pyjamas and Turkish dressing-gown.

Andrew. Act 1. Blue serge yachting suit and cap.

Act. 2. As aunt, in picture.

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