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Odd Bits of Travel with Brush and Camera by Jr.

The following typographical errors have been corrected:

Page 58: "From street to street we pass, viewing the wretched tenements, and more wretched inmates huddling together over a faint spark of fire ..." 'tenements' amended from 'temements'.

Page 167: "I am quite anxious to capture, by camera, not by force of arms, some of these rare types of strength and beauty, and observing two pretty young girls standing in the doorway of one of the houses, both perfect specimens of physical health, I think this an opportunity not to be neglected." 'two' amended from 'too'.

Page 290: "A halo of romance surrounds this region, and in the many excursions from this point, the lover of the weird and visionary will find his every step accompanied by imaginary maidens of rare grace and beauty, brave knights, crafty priests, wild huntsmen, cruel dragons, super-human heroes, and all the wonderful personages of legendary lore." 'weird' amended from 'wierd'.

Page 296: "Just below are Rhoendorf, Honnef, Rheinbreitbach, Unkel, and Erpel ..." 'Rhoendorf' amended from 'Rhondoerf'.


Odd Bits of Travel


Brush and Camera



Author of "Vacation Days in Hawaii and Japan" and "The British Isles Through an Opera Glass," Etc., Etc.

Profusely Illustrated by the Author



103 and 105 South Fifteenth Street

Copyright, 1900, by GEORGE W. JACOBS & CO



In almost every walk of life, even among artists and photographers, we find those who are enthusiasts, and who work with such ardor and perseverance as to overcome all difficulties; while there are others who seem to desire the hard and rough places smoothed down, and the obstacles removed from their pathways. In writing this volume, it has been my purpose to enlist the attention of both of these classes, and to bring before the ardent worker as well as the ease-loving, but no less interested, follower of art, places and scenes that afford unusual attractions for the brush and camera.

It might truthfully be said that in one's city may be found innumerable subjects of interest to both the amateur and professional artist; but change of food, scene and atmosphere is beneficial to both mind and body, and it is ofttimes wise to pass to new scenes and broader fields of observation.

The places described herein are not linked together by proximity of location and follow no regular line of travel; but are selected from various lands and from among widely differing peoples, for the sole purpose of locating scenes that teem with paintable and photographic subjects. I have endeavored to select nooks and corners where the artist and photographer will have suitable accommodations, and where the country with its fresh, pure air, and wholesome food may build up the health, while at the same time an opportunity is afforded for filling the portfolio with delightful bits of scenery and characteristic figure studies. It has also been my aim to tell of countries and places comparatively easy of access, and where those of limited means may find satisfactory accommodations.

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